$2 Million Dollars Not Enough For Illegal Immigrant 9/11 Widows

Cross Posted From Red Hot Cuppa Politics

More sad, sad illegal immigrant tales. How can 2 million dollars, awarded to you by the US government, cheer you up when you’re not a citizen? Of course, the clueless NYT’s misses a main point of the story:

One widow has more than $2 million but walks or rides the bus everywhere, terrified of drawing attention. Another millionaire widow stopped going to 9/11 support groups because she feared that families of police officers and firefighters might betray her. A widower has enough money to start a business building houses, but cannot buy himself a home. All three lost a husband or a wife when the World Trade Center collapsed … But a secret sets these three apart. Like their spouses who died, each is in the country illegally. Even though the government compensated them richly for their losses, making them wealthier than they ever dreamed, the money did not change their immigration status. They fear they could be deported any day…

Right. And the basic problem lies with the snarls of red tape set up like a moat around the bureaucratic fiefdom of the INS. No bill in Congress even attempts to touch INS procedures. The article continues:

A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New York, Mark Thorn, said the agency could not comment on specific cases, but confirmed it was not focusing on the families. Still, he added, “generally speaking, anyone who is in this country illegally is vulnerable to removal.” Legislation before Congress would grant green cards to the illegal immigrants who received money. But the measure, attached to the Senate’s immigration bill, is deadlocked with the entire package

I don’t think anyone has a real problem with granting green cards to the illegal immigrant survivor families of 9/11. However this article ignored the property damage being done to border ranchers, the semi-permanent underclass created by the current practice of hiring illegals, and felons and gang members who cross over, and whom we can’t even support. (Also who’s going to dare to whisper that illegal immigrants working in the WTC were kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time …)

The bill before Congress addresses none of the above, or the barons of bureaucrats who granted Mohammad Atta an extended student visa months after he slammed a plane into the WTC.

Red Hot Cuppa Politics has another post on the Al Gore of Mexican Politics and his supporters as they prevented Vincente Fox from delivering his last State of the Union address to the mexican Congress. Click to TakeBackGeorgia for a look at money, power, crime and illegal immigration. Christi has an excellent piece on trucking — the new job “Americans” won’t do. Brian has more on how Miller supports illegal immigration. And, there’s this amazing article from Urbane, who’s describing a “awareness excercise” held in EcoAlberto Park in central Mexico. . You pay $15 and then you can pretend to try to cross the border illegally. Or, you can head north, and play for free, I guess …

And go to the CoalitionBlog for the latest and freshest news on illegal immigration reform. *This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.*


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