UN to let Syria enforce themselves on 1701 Resolution

In a effort to stop Hezbollah from re-arming Kofi Annan would allow Syria to enforce themselves. If there was ever a more pointless group other than the U.N, I would like to see it.
Next – Vampires to guard blood banks!

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  1. I detect a little cynicism here…am I correct? I don’t get it man, they’re/Kofi just too much.

    Give a visit to Reject the UN (http://reject-the-un.blogspot.com/) – TexasFred and a number of others have started a blogroll on this, you should sign up. Nothing says you care more than to have a “Get the UN out of the US” logo on your site.

    This place is looking real sharp – Keep up the good work, it’s not for nothing

  2. Nothing would please me more than John Bolton delivering an Eviction notice to Kofi and Co. Besides with a little cleaning and a bit of disinfectant the UN building would make great Condos…..


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