Miller Beer sponsors Illegal Immigrant March

Open Border Advocates and illegal Immigrants will be marching in Chicago this weekend, and should they work up a thirst they will have nothing to fear… the protest march is being sponsored by Miller Beer.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Marchers had to duck into fast-food restaurants for water when they first took to Chicago’s streets in support of illegal immigrants five months ago. At the next two marches, family-owned grocery stores offered free bottled water from trucks emblazoned with their names.

This time, as demonstrators march from Chinatown to House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s (R-Ill.) Batavia office this weekend, they will have Miller Brewing Co., as a sponsor. The brewer has paid more than $30,000 for a planning convention, materials and newspaper ads publicizing the event.

It is interesting to note that one of Miller Beer’s marketing slogans is “live responsibly” So is part of that responsible liveing promoting illegal activity?  

March organizers say they have not made any full-fledged sales pitches to major corporations and are having internal discussions about whether they should make a real push. That can be a tough decision, according to march organizer Gabe Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said he represents those in the movement–maybe half the total, he thinks — who don’t even consider themselves capitalists. Many have been involved with labor campaigns targeting specific companies.

So this Labor Day Weekend when you make your beer purchases, remember which companies are advancing the agendas of those organizations who are seeking open borders, and often times those who seek to undermine the basic foundation of our economy, Capitalism. I am thinking Sam Adams myself…

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate. 

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  1. Boss429

    This weekend I’ll be drinking Anheuser Busch products, normally I’m a miller lite person.

  2. This kind of pisses me off, if only because I enjoy MGD. I’ve been doing Fat Tire lately, so I guess no biggie, but gimme a break – it’s all in the name of business.

  3. RT

    I believe Miller is a foreign owned company btw.

  4. I think you are correct RT, Although I cann’t remember who it was that bought them out.

    Thanks for your comment…


  5. Miller Beer Sales and SABMiller Stock Dive as Boycott enters Phase II

    Monday, September 25, 2006

    CONTACT: Miller Boycott Coalition,
    (866) 329-3999
    Jason Mrochek (FIRE Coalition) & William Gheen (ALIPAC)

    Last week the Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition passed the 100 supporting organizations mark and achieved over 12,000 petition signatures while the Dow Jones Newswires announced a collapse in SABMiller’s stock value and beer sales in America!

    The boycott by immigration enforcement groups was brought on by September 1 reports in the Chicago Tribune that Miller Brewing Company gave $30,000 to pro amnesty organizations that support illegal immigration. Coalition members also determined that Miller gives large sums of money to race based organizations like La Raza (Translation: The Race)

    According to the Dow Jones News Newswires (9/22/2006) SABMiller (SAB.JO) stock had fallen to 999p. This is a 6.02percent drop since the launch of the Miller Boycott on September 5 when the stock was trading at 1063p. Dow Jones reports that Miller Beer’s sales are down in America more than other major companies.

    Since the launch of the boycott, coalition representatives have been on over 25 talk radio programs and covered in several major media markets spreading word of the boycott. Over 12,000 people have signed the petition calling on the Executive Branch to enforce existing laws aimed at companies that hire, aid, and abet illegal aliens. Almost 1 million hits have been recorded on the boycott website at

    Coalition directors William Gheen of ALIPAC and Jason Mrochek of FIRE Coalition are announcing phase 2 of the boycott plan today!

    “We are sending word to our extensive network today for citizen activists to begin spreading the word about the boycott using our online resources, such as bumper stickers, fliers, and e-mail templates.” says William Gheen. “We also hope to expand our list of supporting organizations up towards 150 groups!”

    Jason Mrochek is gives a glimpse of Phase 3 which will include citizens protesting outside of Miller Brewing Company production plants and offices. “Shortly after the November elections, we plan to launch protests outside of their facilities coast to coast.” says Mrochek. “It is important for the communities close to these plants and the workers in these plants to know about our boycott that Miller Brewing supports illegal immigration.”

    Concerned citizens and the media can learn more about the Boycott of Miller Brewing Company and SABMiller and receive the latest updates by visiting


    Paid For By
    Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
    Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 329-3999
    FEC ID: C00405878

  6. Robert American

    we’re all immigrants and we’re all brothers

  1. 1 DeMediacratic Nation

    For $15, you can match wits with immigration

    I’ve got nothing to say to this, although you will likely find it interesting…

    From the Houston Chronicle:….

  2. 2 Immigrant Rights March Brought To You By Miller | CommonSenseAmerica

    […] “Miller Beer sponsors Illegal Immigrant March” from Morning Coffee […]

  3. 3 Committees of Correspondence

    Miller Low Life

    Forget Miller High Life, the company no longer deserves any adjective other than one that implies the concept, “crawling on their bellies”.

  4. 4 My Country-My View

    Three Good Posts!

    Three CAII members have posted some good articles on Miller Beer and Illegal Immigration. Go check them out at the links below. Good reading.

  5. 5 Right Truth

    Amnesty and citizenship for everybody

    The game is afoot by groups in the United States to give blanket amnesty to all illegals in the United States and put them on the path to citizenship. Yes, I’m appalled too. The Uncooperative Blogger has the story in,

  6. 6 bRight & Early » CAII Roundup LXVII

    […] Morning Coffee — Miller Beer sponsors Illegal Immigrant March (9/1) […]

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