FBI Investigates the Son of Sen. Ted Stevens

The offices of at least six Alaska legislators, including the son of Sen. Ted Stevens, were raided by federal agents searching for possible ties between the lawmakers and a large oil field services company, officials and aides said.

Remember the fit Dems threw when the FBI searched the offices William “Ice Box” Jefferson… lets see if they raise similar concerns when it is Republicans who are the target… Corruption is truly Bi-Partisan….

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  1. Hell No! Corruption is only acceptable by those with a heart….

  2. I would hardly say that Dems were the only one’s to squawk and throw fits at the Justice Department raid on Rep. Jefferson’s Office.

    Hastert and Pelosi stood together asking for the return of Jefferson’s papers. In fact, Hastert personally protested to Bush over the FBI’s actions.

    Another Republican intimated that the constitutional fight may be taken all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Besides, Pelosi tried to strip Jefferson of his post.

    The point I make is that these events were hardly about partisan politics. There was a legitimate constitutional crisis at hand; the Executive Branch police powers used to investigate a corrupt lawmaker but potentially wielded to intimidate Congress. That is a legit concern.

    AG Gonzales threatened to quit than hand over the papers. Bush had to step in and order the papers confiscated to be sealed in order to avert his AG from resigning. The situation got heated to the point where somehow someone at Justice leaked to the press that Hastert may also be investigated, but later denied the story.

    The House holds hearing on the office raid while the Senate is mum. Finally a judge rules that the raid on Jefferson’s office was legal.

    Through all this the sad fact remains that Majority Leader Frist, took a back seat to the White House. He has aspirations to the White House. Why should he be in favor of curbing Executive Powers? Yet this tells me that he is a pol that is not willing to stand up to defend the constitution when a potential threat arises. He stated that no member of the House or Senate, or government is above the law, but he did not go far enough. He should have said that no President is above the law. But he didn’t. That omission is telling.

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