World Donors Pledge Over $900 Million to Rebuild Lebanon

From Fox News 

World donors on Thursday nearly doubled the amount of money sought to help to rebuild Lebanon, with more $940 million pledged for early reconstruction efforts. Donors also called for Israel to lift its blockade of the country.

The amount was more than the $500 million that organizers of the donors’ conference in Stockholm had requested to help Lebanon recover after monthlong fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas.

Adding previous pledges and commitments for longer-term reconstruction projects, organizers said a total of $1.2 billion had been made available to help the war-crippled country get back on its feet.

How many Katusha rockets does $940 million buy?? unfortunately I think we will see.


  1. “unfortunately I think we will see” you got that right. That’s just great! What about damage to Israel? Oh, that’s right, Israel was the beligerent in this case, right?

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