Sudan Rejects U.N. Resolution on Darfur

From ABC News 

Sudan on Thursday rejected a U.N. resolution giving the world body authority over peacekeepers in Darfur if the government in Khartoum gives its consent, the official government news agency reported.

The totalitarian regime in Sudan has continually resisted efforts by the UN, EU and US to stop the atrocities. Obviously achieving any sort of diplomatic solution would do little more than prolong the suffering of the people of Darfur. The only real solution here is a regime change to one that protects the freedoms and human rights of its citizens. I find it ironic to say the least that some of the same groups that advocate US intervention in Darfur are among the most vocal in protesting US intervention in Iraq. Saddam Hussein after all killed and tortured more people over a longer period of time, resisted UN and other international efforts to protect the rights of its minorities, and like the Sudanese regime used brutal efforts to suppress any opposition.

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  1. John

    First off, most people are not advocating for a “regime change” but a peacekeeping force – so the situation is a bit different.

    No one argued for a peacekeeping force in Iraq because there was no active conflict. If you remember, the main argument for invading Iraq was WMDs, not humanitarian issues.

    We does everyone seem to forget that supported Saddam’s rise to power and encouraged him to attack Iran? And the Muslim world hates us because of our freedoms and shopping malls. Riiight.

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