Iran Is Defiant as U.S. Drafts Sanctions

From the NY Times…. occasionaly known as Al-Qaeda intelligence network  

TEHRAN, Aug. 31 — Iran remained defiant today, ignoring a deadline set by the United Nations Security Council to suspend enrichment of uranium or face the threat of economic and political sanctions, which could choke its access to international banks and block the ability of its officials to travel abroad.

Now I have no illusions that a sanctions regime imposed on Iran either by the US and a coalition or by the UNSC will compel Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program. However if sanctions could be applied and enforced universally they at least could delay Iran and could isolate them enough to compel the population to force some changes within the radical rhetoric and dangerous actions of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Time has now come for the UNSC to back up last months 14-1 vote on this issue, unfortunately I have no faith that they will.


  1. I get sick and tired of the media when Iran finally responds to U.N. demands, etc., they always ask “will Iran come around or what will Iran say, that type of thing. The answer to that is what they have been doing. Don’t people find it odd that almost each time Iran is given time for this or that they always make some announcement declaring success with some nuclear research.

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