Iran Tests Submarine-To-Surface Missile

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Iran tested a new anti-ship missile fired by a submarine during war games Sunday, raising worries it could disrupt vital oil tanker traffic in the Gulf amid its standoff with the West over its suspect nuclear activities.

If this story is true it would represent a remarkable advancement in the capabilities of the Iranian Navy. It has been a few years since I was deployed off the Iranian coast, and their capability and proficiency in naval operations should be expected to increase. Iran has had three Russian made Kilo class submarines since the late 80’sand early 90’s. The last time I deployed the Iranian Navy still had never operated any of those submarines outsided their territorial waters, always returned to port before sunset and they had never been able to submerge the submarines with an all Iranian crew.  To go from operating these highly capable submarines in daytime surface cruises to launching of missiles while submerged at a target outside their sensor range would be a remarkable achievement. This like most announcements of Iranian Military achievements is more bluster than fact. Iran does however have easily one of the most powerful naval forces in the region, and if not for the presence of our own Carrier Battle Groups in the Persian Gulf & North Arabian Sea would be able to effectively close off the critical Straits of Hormuz.


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