Europe Offers ‘Backbone’ of Peacekeepers

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) — The European Union swept away a major hurdle to keeping the peace between Israel and Hezbollah by agreeing Friday to provide the “backbone” of a French-led peacekeeping force of 15,000 soldiers in Lebanon.

Israel said it would lift its air and sea embargo of Lebanon once the U.N. force takes control, a process EU officials said could take up to three months. The blockade is meant to stop arms getting to Hezbollah, but it also is hindering deliveries of food, fuel and other goods.

The commitment of up to 6,900 European soldiers relieved concerns that the peacekeeping force might be stillborn because of reluctance by many countries to send troops into the Middle East cauldron without clear instructions or authorization to use their weapons.

Interesting how the farce is French led with a contribution of 400 troops… And that the “Backbone” of peacekeepers will be supporting a UN Mandate without Backbone… I have said from the moment the Cease Fire was agreed to that unless it disarms, Hizbollah and other terror groups in Southern Lebanon it amounts to nothing more than a pause in the fighting to allow Hizbollah to resupply. It may not happen tomorrow next week or even next year, but the conflict will continue and there will be far more bloodshed on both sides.. All because Kofi Annan, & the French don’t have the “Backbone” to stand up to the Terrorists of Hizbollah, and their supporters in Damascus and Tehran.

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