Conflict Of Interest in the Wiretap Case?

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption and judicial abuse, announced today that Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who last week ruled the government’s warrantless wiretapping program unconstitutional, serves as a Secretary and Trustee for a foundation that donated funds to the ACLU of Michigan, a plaintiff in the case (ACLU et. al v. National Security Agency). 

A federal Judge presiding over a case in which she is an officer in another organization which contributed to the Plaintiff. This may seem like a clear cut conflict of interest, yet is it possible to find any Federal judge that has not contributed to the ACLU, either personally or as part of a larger organization that contributes to them? I seriously doubt that this revelation will bring any sanction to the Judge. At the most it weakens the reputation of the Judge and of her opinion on the case. That Opinion however was not held in very high regard to begin with. Bouncing this case around between appellate courts never provides any substantitive review on the legality of the program to begin with.. We would be far better served if the Supreme Court were take up the case provide that substantitive review and make a ruling on the legality of the program… I am confident that the program is legal, and any unbiased judicial review will make that determination.

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