Turkey intercepts Hezbollah arms

From the Washington Times 

Five Iranian and one Syrian aircraft were barred from flying into Lebanon by Turkey, which claimed they were ferrying arms for Hezbollah militants.

The Turkish Hurriyet newspaper reported Monday the last flight diversion was Thursday when an Iranian airlines Parsair flight was forced to land at Diyarbakir military airport in eastern Turkey. The newspaper said U.S. intelligence reports indicated the plane carried three missile launchers and containers with Chinese C-802 land-to-sea missiles, and it was ordered to turn around.

From Jerusalem, the Ha’aretz newspaper said Turkish authorities would not elaborate on whether the intervention was part of a new national policy.
In mid July, Hezbollah militants launched a month-long rain of missiles on northern Israel, which sent some 10,000 troops into Lebanon in response.

The UN, Lebanon and others heavily criticized Israel for intervening in a Syrian attempt to rearm Hizbollah in the Bekah Valley over the weekend, saying that Israel violated the terms of the Cease Fire. Amazingly enough those same entities are quiet on Hizbollah violations of the terms of the cease fire…  Rearming militias in Lebanon is a violation of the cease fire agreement..

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  1. Yes, while Kofi Annan was busy criticizing Israel for ostensibly breaking the cease fire, he forgot that Hezbollah had already broken the cease fire by importing the arms that Israel was trying to intercept.

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