Russian Divers Find Sunken Legendary WWII U.S. Sub


Russian divers have spotted the wreckage of a legendary U.S. submarine that was lost in the Pacific in 1943, The Associated Press quotes Russian media reports Thursday.

The ITAR-Tass news agency said that a diving team from the Far Eastern State Technological University in Vladivostok found the USS Wahoo in the La Perouse Strait and took pictures of it during a recent expedition.

Under the command of Dudley “Mush” Morton, the Wahoo became one of the most famous U.S. submarines of the Second World War. With 19 Japanese ships sunk, Morton was ranked as one of the war’s top three sub skippers.

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  1. Gary Nila

    For what ever it is worth, in April 2002 I published an article with original period photographs entitled “Kiyoe Hosokawa and the USS Wahoo” OMJ 4/4 for Osprey Publishing (UK) in their Osprey Military Journal series. This project discussed and documented how Japanese Navy pilot Kiyoe Hosokawa (in a JAKE float plane bomber)assisted in the sinking of the USS Wahoo in the northern straits of Japan in October 1943. Also included in this projct are images of the oil slick trail of the USS Wahoo struggling to remain alive. The article ends in April 3, 1945 off Okinawa where Hosokawa meets his fate after being splashed by a US Navy pilot David Jeter in a Corsair off the USS Essex. For those interested, this Osprey Military Journal 4/4 (2002)can be found on under my name.

  2. Thanks for the Comment Gary, I will look into the book..

    Thanks again,

  3. R Anderson


    My uncle was serving on the Wahoo until the end. I would like more information and possible photos of the final resting place of the Wahoo. His name is Lt. Richie Neal Henderson.

    Please write me at the following email with your comments or further data concerning the last days of the Wahoo or anything else pertaining to it.

    Thank you,

    Richie Anderson

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