Elvira Arellano and the law

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Yesterday, I on behalf of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration , posted regarding Elvira Arellano. Arellano is the woman with the sever year old child with ADHD, who yesterday defiantly took refuge in the Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago to avoid deportation.

Heartless S.O.B. (apologies Mom) that I am, I believe she should be deported as she had been previously (only to sneak back in). Supporters of Arellano:

are calling for a moratorium on deportation until Congress passes its now-shelved immigration reform. They are not going to prevail on that. The U.S. is not about the business of suspending the enforcement of law while it mulls whether to change the law.

The interesting thing about the “moratorium” is that our system is pretty much operating that way already. Arellano’s hypocritical stance makes a mockery of immigration law; immigration enforcement; immigration reform; suggests those who legally enter and request citizenship should stay at the back of the line; spits in the face of illegal immigrants that would like the same special treatment and more.

If it’s good enough for Elvira, why not me?

Read the editorial at the Chicago Sun-Times

At the end of the editorial is this request for responses, give responding a consideration….

Should Elvira Arellano be deported or allowed to stay in the U.S.? E-mail us by 2 p.m. Thursday at ctc-response@… with “immigrant” in the subject line. Include your name, hometown and contact information. Responses will be published online and in Friday’s Voice of the People.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**


  1. J.Almendariz

    Are we a nation of laws? Or are we not?

    Certain people believe that they are above the law…that they have the right to ignore our laws when it becomes convenient for them? They pick and choose those laws that benefit them and ignore the ones that don’t. They have no problem with obtaining–free education, free healthcare which was paid for through hard-earned taxpayer monies.

    They justify their actions under the guise of need. Everything is prefaced by “me”, “what I need”, “what I want”, “what is good for me.” “Everyone owes me a living.”

    Well, my parents came here legally. They waited their turn. They pay their taxes and my dad has an American flag flying in his backyard.

    We are sick and tired of hearing from law breakers who demand their rights –AND–want to be placed at the head of the line. These people do not pay into the social system that they are currently bankrupting. Even the illegals that do pay some social security taxes–that amount does not even come close to offsetting the cost of their social services to LEGAL AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

    Finally, I am sick and tired of so-called religious organizations that break the law as well. One of the best things that our founding fathers did…was separate church from state. Thereby avoiding the abuses that occurred in Europe and elsewhere.

    This woman is a lawbreaker…SHE IS NOT AN ACTIVIST. We don’t need her here. She will not be a benefit to the US. Her personal ethics and morality are suspect. The church she belongs to is also suspect.

    I hope that you will run some articles about the cost of illegals to the American Taxpayer. Rice University estimates that cost to be $11,000 per year per American. These people are putting my children into debt.

    I hope that you will run some articles about the disastrous effects of the Senate bill S.2611 and the Hutchison-Pence Bill. You should read them. I have. My parents worked hard and long to attain the “American Dream.” Nobody gave them a free ride.

    These ill-conceived bills benefit only BIG BUSINESS, LABOR UNIONS, and RELIGION at the cost of our middle class. If implemented they will allow vast numbers of low-skilled workers (60-100 million) into the country. There will be downward pressure on salaries & benefits so that number of poor will increase. Currently the middle class in the US is decreasing as well.

    Oddly enough, hispanics who now live in the US now will be forced to compete with all these new millions and it is estimated that their standard of living will go downward as a result of the Senate bills.

  2. J.Almendariz

    Thank you for your comment..

    She is not an “activist” she is a criminal…


  3. ELopez

    First of all I don’t agree with everything that J. J.Almendariz said. One because yes its true that illegal immigrants have broke the law by coming here illegally but tell me this are you going to do the jobs that illegal immigrants do? Are you going to be working outside when its 100 degrees and getting pay minimum wage? Are you no right so answered me this if you say they are not needed it who’s going to do those low, physical demanding jobs you i don’t think so. In another point I do agree with you Elvira does have to get deported because she has broken the law in many, many ways. Immigration already did a lot of exceptions for her and there are many more families in her situation who get deported right away why should she be treated any more especial?

  4. J.Almendariz

    In responce to E.Lopez:

    My dad originally was a day laborer and my mother worked as a maid. So, I don’t disrepect low-skilled workers. If it weren’t for my parents, I would not have had an education or a good start in life in the US.

    The real source of illegal immigration is not the “illegals.” Rather, our problem is caused by the greed of certain business owners who exploit both these low-skilled workers AND the American taxpayers.

    Illegals aren’t paid the going wage nor do they receive any benefits. Business pushes this responsibility off on to middle and low-income Americans. Well, middle and low-income Americans are finding it increasing difficult to take care of their own families let alone millions of others.

    Big Business wants unlimited numbers of cheap labor. They don’t want to treat the new workers humanely or with dignity. Once this workforce is here for awhile–they will demand equality. But, the Senate bills allow for “waves and waves” of more workers. So, workers that complain will be replaced by new ones. Business also wants to undercut the wages and benefits of American workers by replacing them with “guest workers.”

    Question: would an American would be willing to work in 100 degree temperature for minimum wage? Of course. Who do you think used to do this work prior to the onset of the illegal invasion? In my neighborhood during the summer, kids used to earn spending money by cutting lawns (now done by illegals). Construction used to be done by various ethic groups (now done by illegals under supervision). High School students worked in the supermarkets (now filled with illegals).

    Meat packers used to earn $18.00 an hour in the 1980s. Now they earn $9.00 an hour. As illegals replace Americans, Americans have been seeking out other avenues of employment that pay more. The fact that the illegals gladly accept minimum wage dooms all of us.

    And Business knows this. They are pushing through the “supply and demand principle.” If there are lot’s of workers and few jobs…you can pay them next to nothing.

    So, what do we do–we need a good immigration policy. We are a nation of immigrants. But, we need a policy based upon ACTUAL need. We just can’t accept more people than there are jobs. If we do–our society is doomed to poverty.

    Finally, it is estimated that 1 in 12 illegals is actually a hard-core criminal (dealing drugs, trafficking in humans). Kids have been selling drugs in my daughter’s school since 6th grade. There are gangs in her high school. And more police and para-police have been employed to keep the kids “safe.” How can our children get a good education this way? This is another reason to stop all the illegal stuff and get a handle on who is actually in this country. Not all illegals are trying to build a future the good way.

  5. s.c

    I am a first-generation Mexican-American. I support immigrant rights and I sympathize with their plight. However, I do NOT support nor sympathize with Elvira Arellano. She is not only making a mockery of our laws, but she thinks she’s entitled to stay based on her child’s need for medical care. That alone does not entitle a person to stay here. Who’s paying for the medical care her son receives? Arellano claims to be an activist for immigrants, but nobody will sypmathize with immigrants if they see an image of a stubborn law-breaker who “refuses” to be deported. I say the FBI should take her out ELIAN-style and ship her back to Mexico.

  6. Sandi Craighead

    This woman has a lot of nerve comparing herself to Rosa Parks, a US-born American citizen who protested mistreatment based on race. She stood up for the rights of other US-born citizens. The current illegal immigration discussion has nothing to do with race or nationality. I have friends who came to this country from Vietnam and the Phillipines the legal way — they respected American law. If its good enough for them, its good enough for the current bunch of illegals. Whatever terrible and unfortunate things happen to people when they come to this country illegally, is their own fault. Nobody forced them to come. To force one’s way into this country illegally is the highest form of disrespect! If only one person is deported from the US this year, it should be Elvira!

  7. Rodolfo

    I say let’s keep Elvira Arellano around for awhile longer and by all means, DO ALLOW her to be the poster child for the 11 million plus illegal aliens who reside and work in the U.S.

    As we already know:

    • Elvira Arellano, in her first attempt to illegally sneak into the U.S., was soon caught and deported.

    • Elvira Arellano in her second attempt to illegally sneak into the U.S., was this time successful, though her initial illegal entry and deportation made her ineligible for reentry into the U.S.

    • Elvira Arellano had never bothered to apply for a U.S. visa, not even a working visa, but yet was able to reap seven years worth of benefits from being in the U.S.

    • Elvira Arellano has every intention of reaping many more years worth of benefits.

    • Elvira Arellano has been in the U.S. for seven years and has yet to even begin learning English.

    • Elvira Arellano decided that because she believes that she has the right to stay and work in the U.S., she can defy our government and claim sanctuary from deportation by hiding in a church.

    • Elvira Arellano claims that her deportation will separate her from her child, though there is nothing that is stopping her from taking her child with her to Mexico.

    • Elvira Arellano claims that separating her from her child is inhumane but has said “she is willing to sit in jail for 20 years.” if she needed.

    • Elvira Arellano founded United Latino Families in order to spotlight the similar plights of illegal immigrant families like hers.

    The list goes on.

    I say, do allow Elvira Arellano to represent the 11 million plus illegal aliens in the U.S. and let the progress of her chosen situation be heard loud and clear; understood without question; and be known to U.S. citizens and illegal aliens alike. Elvira Arellano has chosen to be the poster child in defense for illegal aliens in the U.S., but in actuality, Elvira Arellano is the poster child FOR WHY WE HAVE immigration policies in the first place. If the U.S. government doesn’t uphold current immigration policy and deport her under the conditions that she has chosen to come in, then there U.S. immigration policy does not exist. I say allow Elvira Arellano to represent the 11 million plus illegal aliens in the U.S. for a little bit longer so that when our government boots her out, every illegal alien will hear in a loud and clear message that during post 9-11, you can’t just come into the U.S. by simply walking across the border; faking a Social Security number; and then hope that no one notices you.

  8. JReid

    Deport them both, the woman and her child. She broke US law twice. We have to end the birthright citizenship. It’s one way the illegals are using and abusing our system. Send ALL of the anchor babies back home with their parents, NOW!

  9. Charles J. Linder Jr.

    Just what the hell is wrong with Federal authorities? How long does the American public have to wait for enforcement of Federal law? Elvira Arellano, a convicted, repeat offender has been tried, found guilty and gone through the appeals process. Why is there any delay in carrying out the sentence? Is the legally nonexistent , claim of “sanctuary” regarded by the Federal Government as reason for not enforcing the law? By not enforcing the law, immigration officials providing an example to other criminals of how the LAW means nothing.
    If that is to be the case, I think I should look for laws I don’t like.

  10. Josefina

    She was deported the 1st time in 1997 and also convicted of identity fraud, at this time she was banned from ever obtaining citizenship status.

    She re-entered and had a son, no word on the father. Does she even KNOW who the father is or did she get pregnant to have her own anchor baby? Aren’t children of convicted felons who are in this country illegaly expemt from automatic citizenship?

    She’s lived in the US 10 years and STILL can’t speak English?
    She 1st came when she was 21 and in all that time could not learn even broken English? This is all the proof I need that she never intended to assimilate.

    They DO have ADHD medication in Mexico and all minor children belong with their mothers.

    Church and State separation line has been crossed, the churches who aid and abet illegal aliens and criminals need to have their tax exempt status revoked. I for one, no longer will be sending money to any religious organization who harbors criminals.

    Gotta say this for Clinton, he went in an got Elian Gonzalez out and sent him back to Cuba. The father was offered a free ride to reside in the US, and he chose not to, just wanted his son back. Think about it..how much worse off is one living in Cuba over Mexico?

    WHY has ICE not gone in there and taken them out?

    I have read some of her statements, she calls for a revolution, not peaceful protests. This is a terroristic threat, WHY is she still in the US?

    I am hispanic and she and others like her do NOT speak for me!

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