North Korea planning underground bomb test?

From CNN 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — North Korea may be preparing an underground test of a nuclear bomb, ABC News reported on Thursday, but U.S. officials told Reuters they had no new evidence of such a plan.

ABC quoted an unnamed senior military official as saying a U.S. intelligence agency had recently observed “suspicious vehicle movement” at a suspected North Korean test site.

A senior U.S. State Department official, who was also not identified, told the network, “It is the view of the intelligence community that a test is a real possibility.”

North Korea declared itself a Nuclear Power in February 2005, though they have never conducted an actual test. Earlier this year North Korea tested a Taepodong-2 Missile which could theoretically hit the U.S. The missile tests earned Kim Jong Il international condemnation and a Unanimous UNSC Resolution imposing weapons-related sanctions… though like most UNSC Resolutions this one is pretty much worthless..

If Dear Leader does conduct the Nuclear test think Irand and Venezuela will have a representative present? 

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  1. Who’s this North Korea guy and what does it have to do with Jon Benet Ramsey?

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