Good News From Iraq… That will not make the evening news..

Iraq’s 4th Brigade assumes security responsibility in Baghdad neighborhood

BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces took control of another area of Baghdad on Monday after the latest in a series of transfer of authority ceremonies near the capital.

Army Col. Claude Ebel, commander of the 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division said responsibility for Forward Operating Base Mahmudiyah South, a base of operations for security forces south of the capital, was transferred to the 4th Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, dubbed the Desert Lion Brigade. The Iraqi unit will have full responsibility for the Baghdad areas of Mahmudiyah and Rutifiyah, Ebel said.

Soldiers Complete Projects in Zafaraniya

– Multi-National Division – Baghdad soldiers from 4th Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, completed several beautification and improvements projects in Zafaraniya and the area outside of FOB Loyalty during the month of July.

The projects included five playgrounds, two soccer fields, a soccer park and a sewing co-op.

“I have the best job. I get to interact with local leaders and people in these neighborhoods,” said Capt. Shelia Matthews, civil military operations officer and command emergency response program coordinator, 4th Bn., 320th FA Regt.

“I have seen such an improvement with the Neighborhood Advisory Council members. I participate in weekly meetings with local leaders to discuss long-term and short-term projects. In the beginning we would have to provide the agenda for these meetings, now they already have an agenda waiting,” said Capt. Raymond Johnson, commander, Battery A, 4th Bn., 320th FA Regt.

Infantry Soldiers Root Out Insurgents in Sayifiyah

Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, conducted Operation River Falcon July 25-27 in and around the town of Sayifiyah.

“The goal was to set conditions in the area in support of future projects and more kinetic operations,” said Capt. Colin Brooks, commander, Company B, 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment.

Sayifiyah had once been a “French Riviera”-type region for Sunnis, who were given preferential treatment under the Sadam regime, Brooks said.  Located southeast of Baghdad on the Tigris River, the small area, which is full of date palm groves and plush two-story waterfront houses, had become a sanctuary for terrorists.

Some difficult regions to the northwest caused security force leadership to shift their focus to those areas, leaving the relatively peaceful town of Sayifiyah unguarded, said 1st Lt. Leon Satchell, platoon leader, Company B. Soldiers departed here July 25 and rode into town in the pre-dawn hours inside Humvees and Bradley Fighting Vehicles in search of terrorists. Five men, all of whom were on a suspect list, were detained during the initial cordon and search mission

Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant Gets Upgrade

BAGHDAD, Aug. 9, 2006 — For nearly two years, the Al Wathba Water Treatment Plant has been undergoing a $22 million upgrade to bring more fresh, potable water to Baghdad residents.

That facility serves the Rusafa area in northeast Baghdad with markets, businesses, medical facilities, and about 300,000 residents dependent on its output.

“Al Wathba is over 40 years old and the dilapidated, poorly maintained equipment was producing about 1,000 cubic meters of drinking water per hour,” points out Iraqi project engineer Sadiq with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Central District International Zone office.

“The renovation included state-of-the-art new pumps, pipes, filters, new chlorination system, and new controls for automatic operation. We expanded the plant’s capacity almost 2 ½ times and it is now able to produce 2,400 cubic meters of water per hour. Last week we tested the system and immediately started getting ‘thank you’ calls from area residents who appreciate the increased pressure and quantity of fresh water available in their homes and businesses.”

Provided we maintain our commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, future generations will have opportunities to pursue vocations beyond bomb making, and seeking martyrdom. Our combat forces are fighting this generation of terrorists. The rebuilding efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan provide us the capability to combat the next generations of terrorists before they become terrorists. Unfortunately the media completely ignore this aspect of the War on Terror, despite the fact that this is where we win or loose.

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Bandit Three Six frequently provides posts from Iraq from the perspective of a US Soldier serving in Iraq.  Most of what he reports will never make it into the MSM, it simply doesn’t fit their agenda. He simply calls it as he sees it, since he is there, he gets to see it first hand.  


  1. Keenan

    Uh, yeah, the vast liberal agenda to undermine democracy and denegrate America. If you have half the intellect you claim, drop the ideological comfort blanket and view things as they are, not the way your fevered rhetoric has imagined them.

    I am a veteran and humanitarian. Kill when you have to, but advance mankind when you can. But I submit that all the schoolhouses built, water and electricty restored, and trash cleaned up are not worth the life of a single American soldier or Marine. I honor the service of the soldiers and Marines performing combat and humanitarian efforts – but all attempts to portray honest dissent about the bolluxed up war in Iraq as anti-American or unsupportive of “the troops” is so much, well, un-American crap and not worth of this democracy.

  2. Keenan;

    First thank you for your service and for your comment. As for your advice to view things as they are… well perhaps you should be using that advice yourself.

    We as a nation are at war, not with another nation, but with an ideology of Hatred and Totalitarianism. The only way to defeat that ideology is through the advancement of freedom. Freedom to practice whatever religion that is desired, the freedom to express our views regardless of the political ramifications, and the ability to determine their own destiny both as individuals and collectively as a nation. What we are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries is building the foundations for those freedoms to grow and prosper.

    We can not bury our head in the sand and hope that terrorists and religious fanatics simply leave us alone. In order to maintain our own safety, security, and our own freedoms we must advance those freedoms around the world. Especially to those regimes that suppress those freedoms the most. The process is long and difficult. You can not build a democracy simply by adding Marines, holding elections and going home. Unfortunately we do not have a great track record in that regard. From Afghanistan following the Soviet withdrawal to Somalia in the 90’s we have consistently failed to demonstrate the necessary commitment to see the process through to completion.


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