While Chavez attends Birthday Party for Castro, Political Prisoner escapes..

From Canada.com 

Castro and Chavez shared “more than three hours of emotional exchange, anecdotes, laughs, photos, gifts, a frugal snack and the happiness of close friendship,” Granma said.

The newspaper quoting Chavez as saying, “This is the best visit I’ve ever had in my life.” Expressing surprise at his recovery, Chavez reportedly commented: “What kind of human being is this? What material is it made of?


Jailed anti-Chavez leader escapes

A senior Venezuelan opposition leader has escaped from a military prison, the country’s attorney general has said.

Carlos Ortega was sentenced to almost 16 years in jail last year after being convicted of inciting unrest during a strike that began in late 2002.

He escaped along with three military officers and may have been aided by some authorities, Venezuela’s attorney general said.

Ortega is known as a fierce opponent of Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez.

Or Maybe not

As long as Ortega remained in prison he would serve as a rallying point for opposition in Venezuela. If he were executed by the Chavez dictatorship, he would serve as a Martyr to the same opposition… If he were to die in an attempted escape he would quickly be forgotten.  If he just simply “disappears” either of his own will or with the “assistance” of the Chavez regime, the opposition will whither until a new leader steps forward.  

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