Israel at War 14 August

IDF general: Cease-fire fragile, ‘many holes’ in truce accord

IDF Major-General Udi Adam, nominal commander of Israeli forces in Lebanon, said after the UN cease-fire went into effect on Monday that the truce was fragile and that there were “many holes” in the accord.

“The accord has many holes, but we should be optimistic,” Adam told Army Radio.Ramon: Hezbollah is a ‘beaten’ force
Senior cabinet minister Haim Ramon said Monday that as a result of the war in the north, Hezbollah is a “beaten” force that is entirely changed.

The justice minister also said that the terms of the UN cease-fire could spur a fundamental change in Lebanon, and that that was the objective of the war as pursued by Israel.

“Despite whatever claims Nasrallah may make in victory speeches, Hezbollah today is an entirely different Hezbollah, he told Army radio, referring to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

“This is a beaten Hezbollah, entirely different in real terms, both on the ground and also from the international standpoint,” he told Army Radio.

While Militarily Israel didn’t loose the battles, politically they were prevented from winning the war. Hizbollah may in fact be an entirely different force on the ground in Southern Lebanon, but the Fact is that they still are on the ground in Southern Lebanon. The resolution requires the end of military support for Hezbollah and the exercise of sovereignty over southern Lebanon by the Lebanese government. We have heard this before from the same UN Security Council… What could make anyone believe that this time the UN will follow through and actually enforce the resolutions they pass.

Egypt FM hails Hezbollah for having ‘fought with honor’

Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Monday praised the way Hezbollah held out against Israel for over four weeks, but faulted the Islamist group for possible carelessness.

On Hezbollah, he said: “They conducted themselves in a manner that showed their ability to resist and they fought with honor … but the result after all is a disaster for Lebanon.”

I could only assume then that the Egyptian Foreign Minister’s sense of “honor” is one that permits combatants to hide among the elderly and children. Does this Egyptian official think that it is honorable to use schools as storage facilities for weapons, or civillian apartment buildings as facilities to launch rocket attacks civillian population centers in Israel? There are many words we could use to describe the way the terrorists faught against a vastly superior force, honor is not among them.


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