Surrender Mom returns to Crawford

Updated 11 August

Sheehan offers refuge to war deserters

almost 40 days into her fast supporting war resisters and their families, Sheehan, though weak, announced that she is offering land she bought in Crawford near Bush’s ranch as a refuge for U.S. troops who desert to resist the war in Iraq.

She can not do that…. Canada will get really pissed if she moves in on thier turf…

Leave a Comment if you have another Idea of what the land can be used for…

Cindy Sheehan known by several other names including Surrender mom, and Bitch in the Ditch, resumes her stalking of the President by taking her protest to the 5 Acre plot of land she lied to obtain.

From Al-Reuters 

The land was purchased by her supporters through a third party to keep secret her connection to it.

“I just had a third party do it because I know that they wouldn’t have sold property to me,” Sheehan said.

The previous owner of the property, Celia Ramsey, told ABC News, “We were duped, we were deceived, we had no idea” that Sheehan was behind the purchase.

Crawford residents angry at her presence “just need to relax a little bit and learn to live with us,” said Sheehan.

Sheehan, who timed her visit to Crawford to coincide with Bush’s 10-day vacation, said she would donate the land to the town when the war is over in hopes it will be used as a memorial peace park.

Since Cindy is going to donate the land to the City of Crawford, perhaps we can come up with a few suggestions as to what they can actually put on the site. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions of what should be put on the protest site..  

Reporters and camera crews outnumbered protesters at the camp set up on the land, although organizers were hoping that more Sheehan supporters would arrive later.

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  1. I’ll just come out and say this and for anyopne that knows me, this is HUGE…. I now loathe her more than Michael “Get in mah belly” Moore.

  2. They could probably use a new landfill

  3. I R A Darth Aggie

    I think it might be a good start for a Super WalMart…

  4. I was thinking of a huge statue of a hand with the middle Finger extended… Of course the Finger should be dyed purple.


  5. old_dawg

    I turn it into a feedlot and keep cattle on it. All the “bull stuff” would fit in just fine.

  6. Scrape the lot bare and sterilize the soil so it will always appear like the minds of the anti-war left. Totally devoid of life, empty and barren.

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