Israel at War 10 August

Hizbollah Rockets rain down on Northern Israel 

By mid-afternoon, Hezbollah fired some 110 rockets at cities and towns across northern Israel including Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Carmiel and Safed. Four impacts were also identified on the Golan Heights. Hezbollah scored direct hits on homes in Carmiel and Safed, where one person suffered from shock.

Fires caused by the rocket hits raged in forests in the Golan Heights and the central Galilee. The largest fire broke out near Safed and firefighters were battling the flames Thursday afternoon.

Hezbollah fired 160 rockets at Israel from Lebanon on Wednesday, with 66 landing in the area of Kiryat Shmona.

IAF drops leaflets over downtown Beirut threatening ‘painful’ response to Hezbollah attacks

Israel Air Force warplanes dropped leaflets over downtown Beirut on Thursday, threatening a “painful and strong” response to Hezbollah rocket attacks and warning residents of three southern suburbs to evacuate immediately.

“The Israel Defense Forces intend to expand their operations in Beirut,” the single-page leaflet read. It said the move came after statements from “the leader of the gang” – an apparent reference to Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, who made a taped television address the night before.

“To the residents of Hay el-Sulloum, Bourj el-Barajneh and Chiah: For your own safety, you must evacuate those neighborhoods immediately, and evacuate every place where Hezbollah members or aides exist or carry out terrorist operations,” it read.

Security Council to mull cease-fire after U.S.-French impasse

The proposed wording of a United Nations cease-fire resolution aimed at ending the violence in Lebanon will be deliberated jointly among the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – U.K., France, U.S., Russia, and China.

Since the outbreak of fighting between Israel and Hezbollah, representatives of the U.S. and France took the lead and engaged in intense negotiations at UN headquarters in New York, but failed to reach agreement on the language of the cease-fire proposal.

The U.S. on Wednesday sought to downplay speculation pointing to a diplomatic crisis in ties with Paris.

Peretz: Cease-fire would be the result of successful IDF operation

Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Thursday said that if a cease-fire is reached to end the month-long conflict between Lebanon and Israel, it would have been the success of the Israel Defense Forces operation.

“We’ll see the military operation as having created the diplomatic climate and a new situation,” he said.

If diplomacy fails, Peretz said, Israel will “use all of the tools” to win the war against Hezbollah.


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