Islamic militia have taken control of the central Somali town of Beletuein.

The strategic town changed hands after fighting erupted in between the town’s previous pro-government rulers and the militia of a local Islamic court.

Tension is high in central Somalia as the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) that controls much of southern Somalia tries to spread its influence further north.

Earlier, two were injured in Galkayo in a protest led by clerics who say the UIC’s brand of Islam is too militant.

Had the U.S. not implemented a Cut & Run Policy in 1993 at the urging of Representative John Murtha, the Streets of Mogadishu would likely be much different today. In Fact If the United States had confronted terrorism then and there, the entire War on Terror would likely have a completely different look. Amazing that John Murtha is still offering the same advice on Iraq as he did on Somalia. President Clinton followed Murtha’s advice in 1993, thankfully President Bush has shown the wisdom to ignore Murtha’s advice on Iraq today.

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