Security cabinet okays decision to expand ground operation in Lebanon

The security cabinet approved Wednesday a broader ground offensive in Lebanon, after some ministers argued that the military must deal more blows to Hezbollah before a Mideast cease-fire is imposed.

Nine of the 12 ministers in the cabinet voted in favor of the move, while the other three abstained. There were no votes against.

However, a decision to send troops deeper into Lebanon was fraught with considerable risk. Israel would set itself up for new criticism that it is sabotaging diplomatic efforts. Also, a wider ground offensive might do little to stop Hezbollah rocket fire on Israel, while sharply increasing the number of casualties among Israeli troops.

The security cabinet met as IDF troops battled Hezbollah guerillas armed with anti-tank missiles in the southern Lebanon village of Ayta al-Shaab.

Chirac: Giving up on cease-fire efforts would be ‘most immoral’

French President Jacques Chirac said Wednesday that giving up on efforts to secure an immediate Middle East cease-fire would be the international community’s “most immoral” possible response.

The Lebanese government has rejected the draft United Nations proposal brokered by France and the United States, which called for full cessation of hostilities but did not demand an immediate withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces from Lebanon.

Chirac, speaking at a news conference in southern France after an urgent meeting with three Cabinet ministers, implicitly criticized U.S. reservations about pushing for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah.

Someone let Jacques know that allowing terrorists to continue to operate in Lebanon and continue its attacks on Israel is what is “Most Immoral”. Any Peace that allows Hizbollah to remain as a fighting force in Lebanon is not peace. It is nothing more than a pause in the fighting until they have more destructive weapons, and are capable of inflicting more casualties on Israelis. The necessary end result must be that the government of Lebanon be fully in control of its soveriegn territory. Any Agreement that does not advance that goal is another UN waste of time. Insisting Israel withdraw its forces before an International Force is in place to remove the terrorists and prevent the terror supporting states of Syria and Iran from rearming Hizbollah does not advance the goal of what the end result must be.  

Hezbollah rockets strike Beit She’an region, Kiryat Shmona

Two Safed residents suffered light injuries Wednesday and property was damaged as Hezbollah fired at least four barrages of rockets into the city in addition to the more than 120 rockets which rained down all across the north. Close to half of the rockets slammed into Kiryat Shmona.

Hezbollah fired long-range rockets which slammed into the Beit She’an region in the north, falling into open areas. No injuries or damage was reported.

The rockets landed in open fields west of the city. Three of the rockets struck uninhabited spaces in the Palestinian Authority close to the West Bank village of Fakua, situated between Beit She’an and Jenin, the same area which absorbed rockets last week.

Chavez says Venezuela will cut diplomatic ties with Israel

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced Wednesday morning that his country stands to sever diplomatic relations with Israel in protest of the Israel Defense Forces’ military campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Before the announcement, the Venezuelan leader revealed Tuesday that he would return Caracas’ charge d’affaires to Israel. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni reciprocated by dispatching Jerusalem’s ambassador to Venezuela, Shlomo Cohen, who was called back to Israel for consultations.

The Foreign Ministry said Cohen was summoned to Jerusalem “as an act of protest against the one-sided policy of the president of Venezuela [and] in the wake of his wild slanders towards the state of Israel.”

Chavez is attempting to position himself to get Venzuela on the UN Security Council.. Frankly I think it would be more fitting for him to take Saddam’s former seat on the “Axis of Evil”.


  1. There’s no room at the table for Chavez. It’s like “hey, hey, don’t forget about me!”

    Enough of the leaflets…etc. Daisy cutter time

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