Reuters merging with Al-Jazera?

BEIRUT (Al-Reuters) – Lebanon’s prime minister, choking back tears, demanded a “quick and decisive ceasefire” on Monday after an Israeli air raid that he said killed more than 40 civilians sheltering from fighting in a southern village.

“An hour ago, a horrific massacre took place in Houla village as a result of the intentional Israeli bombardment that resulted in more than 40 martyrs,” Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora told an Arab foreign ministers meeting in Beirut.

Israel is pressing ahead with its offensive while world powers struggle to agree a U.N. resolution to end the fighting. Hizbollah says it will fight on until Israel stops bombing Lebanon and pulls out its forces. Residents of Houla said they feared up to 60 people, including many children, had been killed. They said most of the people were shepherds who had refused to flee the fighting.

But an AP report says that the Lebanese prime minister revised the number killed down to one:

The Lebanese prime minister says only one person died in an Israeli air raid on the southern village of Houla, lowering the death toll from 40.

So, does Reuters report this new information? In its most recent report, Reuters drops the reference to the airstrike all together and refiles it as if the prime minister said nothing about 40 dead civilians. The newest version still has the Lebanese PM “choking back tears” but this time about civilian suffering in general:

The New report however mentions nothing of the residents of Houla nor of the 60 children and shepards that were killed. How did Reuters get the info on this to begin with? Is it sloppy reporting or did they make it up to make the the Air Stike appear more devestating than it actually was? And if so Why? Is this part of a concerted effort to make Israeli actions against terrorists appear far more destructive to civillians than it actually is?

Al-Reuters is displaying a pattern of conduct that is clearly demonstrating its bias in this conflict and its Anti-American and Anti-Israel “reporting” in its news coverage. A merger with Al-Jazera is certainly complete in its bias all that is needed now is the financial details to be worked out. has a good round up of the Photoshopping debacle 

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