Ohio proposal would take on immigration at state level

It is Good to see more States and Local communities taking a stand on illegal immigration. Ohio joins Colorado & Georgia in the states that are seeking to crack down on criminal activity and enforce laws already on the books. Additionally local communities like Hazelton Pa. Valley Park Mo. Elgin Il. and San Bernardino Ca. are in various stages of addressing the problems stemming from illegal immigration.   

Columbus- Ohio’s top legislative leaders on Thursday proposed a new set of illegal immigration standards intended to make life so uncomfortable for undocumented people that they will want to leave.

The proposal would allow police officers to arrest and detain illegal immigrants, would cut off social services to adults among them and would require contractors doing business with the state to verify their employees are documented.

The 14-point proposal would also establish a new state investigatory office that would work directly with the federal government on enforcement issues and prohibit state work force funds to be used to train illegal workers.

The proposal is not without opposition..

At least one Ohio Latino organization said it understands the call for the tougher standards.

“I’m not in favor of illegal immigration, either, but I am in favor of dealing with the ones that are here in a humane way,” said Pastor Jesus Laboy of the Coalition of Latino Ministers of Ohio. “This is a difficult situation.”

“They should have secured the borders a long time ago,” Laboy said. “But now that the people are here, you can’t make them just sit in jails.”

Mr Laboy is absolutely correct in saying the borders should have been secured a long time ago. No one is suggesting that illegals be treated inhumanely. Removing the incentives for the illegals to come here to begin with (cutting off social services and requireing employers to verify legal status of their employees) could hardly be described as inhumane. Neither can giving law enforcement the necessary tools that allow them to be able to enforce the law.

Democrats, however, blasted Republicans, accusing them of throwing out another election-year “gimmick.”

We have a tragic reminder that enforcement of immigration laws is not a gimmick. It’s located on Church Street between Liberty and Vesey Streets in Lower Manhattan. Had US Immigration Law been enforced, 15 of the 19 9-11 Hijackers would not have been in the country on on that infamous date.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.**


  1. I guess if the enforcement of our immigration laws must start with the states while the feds muddle through political rhetoric, than so be it. Our government’s inaction and noncompliance with the law has caused the problem, but the Senate has found an easy way out – amnesty. The amnesty act of 1986 proves that this does not work, unfortunately the elected personifica in Congress is not listening to the American people and constituents; therefore it is time to clean house in Congress and seek those who are more responsible and more attuned to exactly why they are in Washington.
    Good posting.

  2. Keith;

    Law enforcement is not just the responsibility of the Federal Government. State and local agencies must also play a role. Expanding the cooperation between Federal and local law enforcement could be the most significant aspect of this and similar proposals. The “its not my job” excuse is not gonna fly anymore especially when it refers to enforcing our laws, and ensuring the safety of our citizens. And you are right Congress is definately in need of a house cleaning. Unfortunately before we do give current congress critters the boot, we must also look at what we put in. If we boot a congressman based on their being out of touch on this or any other issue, we also have to look at what takes his or her place. Unfortunately in many cases that replacement is far worse for us as a nation.

    Thanks for your comment


  3. States and Local communities are taking a stand on illegal immigration for very practical reasons.

    Illegals ignore not only federal immigration laws, they also ignore state law and city ordinances. It’s not unusual for 20 illegals living in a 2-3 bedroom house. Many drive drunk. Many steal. Some kill and rape.

    Illegals use local and state resources but pay not state or local income taxes. Some bring and spread disease, such as hepatitis and TB. Most don’t speak Elinglish, requiring cities to hire interpreters and duplicate forms in multiple languages at taxpayer expense.

    And let us remember, they are here because they broke our law. And now they march to tell us that we must let them stay.
    Well about 80% percent of Americans want the government to follow the law–which calls for the employers of illegals to be punished and their illegal labor sent home.

    For more information, visit Ohio Jobs and Justice at http://www.ojjpac.org

    2. They reside in states and cities illegally yet demand social services at tax payer expense.

    Illegals are no longer just a problem for border states–they have moved into every state in the US.

    This has resulted in communities having to create, causing communities financial difficulties, increasing crime, and underscoring the impracibility of merging problematic nature of

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    Ohio proposal would take on immigration at state level

    Cross posted from Morning Coffee
    It is Good to see more States and Local communities taking a stand on illegal immigration. Ohio joins Colorado & Georgia in the states that are seeking to crack down on criminal activity and enforce laws already o…

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    Ohio proposal would take on immigration at state


    It is Good to see more States and Local communities taking a stand on illegal immigration. Ohio joins Colorado & Georgia in the states that are seeking to crack down on criminal activity and enforce laws already on…

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    Tennessee House hearing on Immigration and Healthcare, attend or listen…

    There is an upcoming House hearing on Immigration and Healthcare. The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold the hearing on August 10th at 10am in Brentwood, TN. The location of the hearing is in the Main Room of Brentwood…

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