AMLO Sketched In Finger Paint At Protest-Fiesta In Mexico City …

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Well, main traffic arterties in Mexico City are still closed down by the down-trodden folks who support Mexican Candidate Obrador, who lost by a narrow margin a few weeks ago, but has still declared himself the whiner — oops, I mean winner — of the election.

From the LA Times:

MEXICO CITY — A band rocked on a distant stage, children played catch and the aroma of beans rose from simmering pots as men and women gathered around a loudspeaker to hear their leader’s evening broadcast.

“More people are coming, from all over the country,” said Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the presidential runner-up whose supporters have pitched camp on the capital’s main boulevard to back his demand for a recount

Lopez Obrador is forging a community on the asphalt lanes of Paseo de la Reforma. His followers have created a tent city under tarps and bright banners covered with his name and slogans, where food and entertainment are free and the rhetoric is repeated by heart. Even the children chant “Vote by vote,” the recount mantra, as they sit at tables drawing their leader’s image in finger paint.

Yah. Well, it takes alot of peso’s to support that many people for weeks, and I thought that all the down-trodden in Mexico were supporting this protest. So, where’s the money coming from to provide the logistics, and bus fare from the provinces. Of course, I would not be surprised if there were some checks postmarked Venezuela at the American Western Union station somewhere in Mexico city …

Lopez Obrador’s post-election campaign seeks to cast so much doubt on Mexico’s July 2 presidential election that, regardless of the final outcome, faithful supporters always will regard him as the rightful winner whose victory was stolen.

Gosh, that worked so well for AlGore. But, not to worry. Pretty soon, they’ll all be protesting about global warming.

Incidentally, Mark In Mexico posted yesterday that Oaxaco’s still cut off from the rest of Mexico, and that leftist protestors there have “pushed the teacher’s union to the back of the bus.“(i.e., the socialist group APPO is controlling everything)

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Debbie at RightTruth did a good round-up on postings yesterday. Check out ChristiKing’s article about how the Senate’s on a Short Leash (or maybe it should be a choke collar! — FB) But it looks like they may pay for the fence. DeMediaCraticNation deconstructs one of those tiresome “it’s all prejooduss articles,” with really superb slice ‘n’ dicing.

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