Egyptian judges ask government to cancel peace accord with Israel 

Judges in Egypt called upon the government to dissolve its peace agreement with Israel, on the grounds that it is inconceivable for Egypt to coexist peaceably with Israel while the IDF operates in Lebanon. The judges expressed support of popular resistance against Israeli advances, which, in their eyes, is the only way to protect the Arab ummah (greater nation).

In a statement issued Thursday, Egyptian judges censured “the barbaric Israeli attacks on the Palestinian and Lebanese people.” They also warned of American attempts “to rearrange the Middle East, based on the ‘Greater Middle East’ plan, via Israeli pride and American hegemony, in whose eyes the lives of hundreds of Arab children are not worth the wounds of one Israeli child.”

Yemenite President: I Hope All Countries Bordering Israel Will Join the War

The following are excerpts from an interview with Yemenite President Ali Abdallah Saleh, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on August 1, 2006. Video Clip here

Interviewer: “Do you expect the war to expand?”

Ali Abdallah Saleh: “Yes.”

Interviewer: “To include Syria?”

Ali Abdallah Saleh: “I would certainly hope that it expands. I would hope so, but the Israelis would not dare. They are frustrated in South Lebanon, so how could they expand the war? All Israeli cities would be within the range of the Syrian missiles. Syria is armed, and is ready for anything. It would be foolish, even more than foolish… I say in all honesty that the Israeli government is defeated. The Israeli army is also defeated by any standard. The Israeli government will fall. It will fall soon because it misjudged things. Israeli strategy is based on brief wars, on swift strikes. By now it has been 19 days, and the equation has changed. If Israel were to act foolishly and wage war against Syria, I expect Israel would find itself in an extremely difficult situation. Perhaps they would even leave the region, because their society is a mixture [of identities], full of contradictions.”

If Hizbollah is going to measure its successby its ability to get Israel to inflict casualties on  Lebanon and destroy the infrastructure that feed the Terrorist militia, then I guess that Hizbollah has been successful. 

Ali Abdallah Saleh: “I hope that all the countries bordering with Israel, not just Syria, would enter the war. I meant the countries bordering with Israel. We will not enter the war officially, but we will open the borders to the fighters. We will allow the transfer of money and equipment, to support the Lebanese resistance and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.”

“This war has become a duty incumbent upon us. Every Muslim has the individual duty to fight on this front.”

Interviewer: “Mr. President, do you support what has been said about incorporating Arab forces in the international force [in Lebanon]?”

Ali Abdallah Saleh: “I haven’t heard this, but it is forbidden. I haven’t heard about this, but international forces must not serve as a buffer between the Israeli enemy and the resistance. It’s forbidden.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei: ‘America Can Expect a Resounding Slap and a Devastating Fist-Blow From the Muslim Nation.

The following are excerpts;

“Bush and his American partners, who are to blame for the tragic events in Lebanon, will be considered just as responsible and accountable as the evil and depraved leaders of the Zionist regime… The silence of the U.N. and most of the Western countries, and the support some governments – such as the despicable and notorious British government – turns them into accomplices to the crime, to varying degrees. When humanity places them on trial, today and tomorrow, in demand for an explanation… and when they are required to account before God, they will be punished.”

Definately shows that he is a subscriber to the John Kerry, and Howard Dean newsletter on blameing Bush for everything. 

“The American Regime Can Expect a Resounding Slap and a Devastating Fist-Blow From the Muslim Nation”

Is this a foreign leader threatening a first strike? Perhaps it is time to enact Pre-emptive First strike doctrine… Show the bastard what a “Resounding Slap” is really like.

The enemy that Israel faces is the same enemy that we face, and the same enemy that the whole civilized world faces. Our enemy in this war is an ideology of despotism, tyrany and hatred. One which uses religion as a motivating factor in recruiting and in inciting violence. We, as a nation must confront this ideology and combat it with every resource we have available and in every arena the enemy is present.

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