Murtha and CAIR want an Immediate Cease Fire in Lebanon

Consistant with his 100% approval rating with the Council on American-Islamic RelationsJohn Cut-N-Run Murtha wants an immediate Cease-Fire in Lebanon. Irregardless that a Cease fire would do nothing more than return to the same situation that brought us the current confrontation.  A Cease Fire leaves a terrorist group in control of all of southern Lebanon, allows the re-arming and resupply by terror supporting states like Syria and Iran, and delivers a victory to totalitarian Islamofascists in the global War on terror.

As I said earlier Murtha gets a 100% approval rating from CAIR. CAIR was founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad, Omar Ahmad, and other former members of the Islamic Association of Palestine considered by the US government an arm of Hamas. CAIR’s leadership and members are alleged to have supported organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Both groups are classified by the United States Department of State as terrorist organizations although CAIR itself has never been found guilty of supporting any terrorist organization.

Steven Pomerantz, former FBI assistant director and chief of the FBI’s counter-terrorism section, once charged that CAIR’s activities “effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.” On February 2, 1995, CAIR advisory board member Imam Siraj Wahaj was accused by the United States Department of Justice as one of several “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators in the attempt to blow up New York City monuments,” including the World Trade Center in 1993.

So who does Congressman Murtha represent? Those in his district, or Hamas and Hizbollah? I think it is time to send Murtha to a retirement home, preferably one in Tehran.

Wiki on CAIR 

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  1. I love the first line of this post; absolutely classic!

  2. Thanks for the comment John.


  3. MUTHA=Osama’s Rep


  4. Dan F

    Only an evil warmonger would want to see the killing of innocent women and children continue in Lebanon and Isreal. If you enjoy death and destruction so much, do us all a favor and kill yourself first!

  5. So Dan I guess in your opinion the killing of innocent women and children is ok as long as it happens on the Israeli side of the border.

  6. Islamofascist CAIR Doesn’t Like the Term “Islamic Fascist”: FNC video, 8/14/6

    CAIR Terrorist Apologist Blames Israel, FNC video, 8/12/6

    Free Patriotic Corner Banners:

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