Israel at War 2 August

IDF can stay in Lebanon 

While the IDF needs until the end of the week to deal Hizbullah a fatal blow, the military is prepared to remain in southern Lebanon for as long as it takes, even several months, until a multinational force takes control of the territory, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday.

“The IDF knows how to operate for as long as it takes even if it means remaining in the territory for a long time,”

IDF captures Hizbullah operatives

 After several hours of intense fighting in and around the hospital in the eastern Lebanon town of Baalbek, which was built by Iran for the express purpose of treating Hizbullah operatives, IDF commando forces on Wednesday morning took a number of Hizbullah operatives captive. An IAF helicopter dropped commando forces a short distance from the hospital late Tuesday night. The force was discovered as it moved towards the structure, where Hizbullah operatives were suspected of hiding. Several hours of gunfights ensued, and at least 10 Hizbullah guerrillas were reported killed.

The main target of the operation was Muhammad Yazbek, a senior figure in the organization. Yazbek was not in the hospital at the time of the raid.

Assad calls on army to raise readiness

Syrian President Bashar Assad called on his army Monday to increase readiness to cope with “regional challenges.”

The president’s comments came during an annual address to the military but also as the campaign in Lebanon entered their 20th day of fighting.

Chronicles of War has more on Syrian Posturing.

Iran’s top leader pledges to stand with Lebanon in fight against Israel

Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday praised Hezbollah and vowed Iran will stand with Lebanon in the fight against Israel.

“Iran … will stand by all the oppressed nations especially the dear people of Lebanon and the combatant Palestinian nation,” he said in remarks broadcast on state-run television, condemning the “aggressions” and “evil acts” of the United States and Israel against Lebanon.

Hezbollah missile strikes West Bank

An Israeli man was killed Wednesday when a Katyusha struck Kibbutz Saar, north of Nahariya, as Hezbollah marked the resumption of rocket fire on northern Israel with a massive bombardment of some 125 rockets.

Also Wednesday, a missile fired by Hezbollah fell in an open area of the West Bank, some 70km from the northern border. This is the furthest a missile fired by the guerilla group has reached since the start of the conflict in Lebanon.

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