Masses Roil to “Defend Democracy” In Mexico City …

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Well, “Presidente” Obrador continues to mobilize popular support to demand a total recount. Hundreds of thousands of protestors filled the streets of Mexico City yesterday.

From the NYT’s:

MEXICO CITY, July 30 — Four weeks after a very close election plunged this country into political crisis, the leftist candidate escalated his campaign to undo the official results, telling a mass rally of his supporters on Sunday that they must engage in civil disobedience to “defend democracy” and force the recognition of “my triumph as president.”

“Mexico does not deserve to be governed by an illegitimate president,” said the candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor who election officials say lost the national election by a mere 243,000 votes of 41 million cast.

A special electoral court has yet to ratify the results and Mr. López Obrador has challenged the official tally, contending that there were widespread irregularities, human errors and, in some instances, fraud. He and his supporters want all the ballots counted again …

Meanwhile, thousands of rural workers have been bussed into Mexico City, and I’m privately wondering how many of those bus tickets were distributed by agents from Venezuela.

.”If there was no fraud, they would agree to a vote by vote recount,” said Gregorio Ruiz, a 33-year-old farmer from the southern state of Guerrero, who had a mouthful of silver-rimmed teeth.

Brenda Fernández, a 33-year-old homemaker, said as she marched past the Palacio de Bellas Artes that she expected the court to deny Mr. López Obrador’s request and that violence would erupt afterward. “Look, there was already one revolution, why not another?” she said. “We are at the point of violence, and the government better understand that.”

Felipe Caleron says the recount is un-necessary. “We won cleanly,” he told reporters after an audience with judges. “And we are not going to let these millions of votes be canceled.”

I hope not — but the rights of legitimate voters in a legitimate process might not be as important as the victory of a leftist candidate.

Incidentally, striking teachers in Oaxaca, have blocked the state off from the rest of Mexico. The teachers went on strike to demand higher wages in June, but were soon joined by a variety of international leftist groups. The purpose of blockading Oaxaca is to force the governor to resign. Mark In Mexico has a map, and comments:

The APPO, just to remind you, is an umbrella group composed of all the socialist, communist and anarchst groups that have moved in here to “support” the teachers union. The SNTE has been debating internally for the past two weeks whether or not to continue coordinated efforts with APPO. The teachers seem to realize the economic damage that they have done and the popular backlash forming against them. APPO doesn’t care. APPO is in this for the sake of revolution, so the more economic hardship and chaos, the better

And ya wonder why Mexico hasn’t had time to develop its economy …

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