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“Opposing groups go face to face over immigration issues”

Why I bother with some of these stupid stories, I do not know. For the most part, the “illegal” immigration of the immigration debate is so obvious you wonder why we even argue about it. In any debate the sides have their own point of view, which makes sense and is the way is should be. That said, it is tiring when those that are opposed to “amnesty” are referred to as “anti-immigration” and those that support those that have entered the country illegally as “in support of immigrants.”

It’s not the medias fault (I think); but neither does it help, whether because they are lazy or implicitly trying to lead the story; they tend to keep facts fuzzy. This of course fogs the debate and the result is, someone is evil and wants bad things for people and the other side is heroic and just cares about their fellow humanbeings.

Well, outside one of the “field” hearings the Rocky Mountain News informs us that:

Emotions flashed from both sides of the immigration debate Wednesday outside the hearing where officials were lamenting bearing the costs of illegal immigrants in the country. The protest groups were small but vocal.

Interesting, ok, now for some supporting facts from Rocky Mountain News:

“You can’t ignore the facts,” Glen Colton of Fort Collins shouted at supporters holding signs and banners in support of immigrants.

“People are sneaking across the border.”

Members of pro-immigrant groups who’d gathered at the Aurora Municipal Center shouted back.

Hmmm, ok, they are quotes, so I guess they don’t have to be factual. Afterall, it’s what people said whether right or wrong or inbetween. But, do you notice there is what can be considered a “hero” and a “villain?” This is not something either person shouting said; the reporter decided that Glen Colton was shouting at “supporters” and “pro-immigrant” groups shouted on back. So a simple exchange ultimately includes a continuation of misinformation.

Colton ends up being quoted as saying something about a lack of resources to support the “illegal” immigrants and then Rocky quotes Tim Correa whose family has been in CO 5 generations:

“The claims that (illegal immigrants) are here to take away jobs and benefits, it’s pure hogwash.”

I wonder if his family entered legally originally? Do you suppose this might have been a question the reporter asked?

An “immigrant” rights group, American Friends Service Committee sporting green t-shirts that say “Lucharemos por los derechos de los immigrantes,” meaning “We will fight for the rights of immigrants” shout:

“We’re not criminals.”

To which K.A. Skala, a Czechoslovakian (legal) immigrant, yells:

“Who told you that? Every one of them will steal the spot of someone who is waiting for a visa.”

Bottomline, some group, usually the one favored by the media comes off as being more humanitarian in entirely too many situations; when in fact there is always more to the story than what you get in the story.

People want immigration reform. One piece of which might grant legal status to the estimated 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants that have entered this country. Once the new precedent is set, that’s the way it will be (supposedly). Elvira Arellano is a good example: do we let her stay in the country? If so, what about all the other folks. If citizenship/amnesty is granted to all the people here illegally, what about future illegal border crossers? Will they somehow not rate the same humanitarian actions? Or will we pass some type of reform that gets rolled over on in a few years and prove that this is/was all for nothing?

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Instead of sending unconventional weapons by sea as in the past, North Korea now is shipping missiles and missile components on planes that fly via Russia, landing at Russian airports for refueling and possible transshipment to Mideast clients.

The list of leading procurers of North Korean Missiles and Missile technology is Syria, Iran, and Pakistan…

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From Ynet News

Hizbullah representative in Iran Muhammad Abdullah Sif al-Din, said Wednesday that Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has a new strategic plan to rearm ahead of the “next round against Israel .”

Regarding UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701, calling for, among others, the disarmament of Hizbullah, Sif Al-Din said that his organization had no intention of disarming, as the issue was an internal Lebanese one.

“From the perspective of the parliament and government in Lebanon , Hizbullah is not a military militia, but a resistance force. Therefore, the clause in resolution 1559 (calling on the disarmament of armed militias – D.C.) can’t include Hizbullah. The Lebanese agreed among themselves that Hizbullah’s disbanding is an internal issue and should be solved among one another,” he said.

If the Nation of Lebanon wants to allow an armed force to remain in southern Lebanon call it a militia, resistance force, or the Islamic Fundamentalist versoin of the boy scouts, when that armed force attacks a soverign nation, kidnaps its citizens, or launches rockets against civillian population centers, that act should be viewed as an act of war by the Nation of Lebanon against Israel… and then allow Israel to prosecute the war as they see fit. To hell with the UN demands for proportionate response… It is a War, and no War in History has ever been won by limiting the casualties of the enemy…    

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From Fox News 

World donors on Thursday nearly doubled the amount of money sought to help to rebuild Lebanon, with more $940 million pledged for early reconstruction efforts. Donors also called for Israel to lift its blockade of the country.

The amount was more than the $500 million that organizers of the donors’ conference in Stockholm had requested to help Lebanon recover after monthlong fighting between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas.

Adding previous pledges and commitments for longer-term reconstruction projects, organizers said a total of $1.2 billion had been made available to help the war-crippled country get back on its feet.

How many Katusha rockets does $940 million buy?? unfortunately I think we will see.

From ABC News 

Sudan on Thursday rejected a U.N. resolution giving the world body authority over peacekeepers in Darfur if the government in Khartoum gives its consent, the official government news agency reported.

The totalitarian regime in Sudan has continually resisted efforts by the UN, EU and US to stop the atrocities. Obviously achieving any sort of diplomatic solution would do little more than prolong the suffering of the people of Darfur. The only real solution here is a regime change to one that protects the freedoms and human rights of its citizens. I find it ironic to say the least that some of the same groups that advocate US intervention in Darfur are among the most vocal in protesting US intervention in Iraq. Saddam Hussein after all killed and tortured more people over a longer period of time, resisted UN and other international efforts to protect the rights of its minorities, and like the Sudanese regime used brutal efforts to suppress any opposition.

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From the NY Times…. occasionaly known as Al-Qaeda intelligence network  

TEHRAN, Aug. 31 — Iran remained defiant today, ignoring a deadline set by the United Nations Security Council to suspend enrichment of uranium or face the threat of economic and political sanctions, which could choke its access to international banks and block the ability of its officials to travel abroad.

Now I have no illusions that a sanctions regime imposed on Iran either by the US and a coalition or by the UNSC will compel Iran to halt its nuclear weapons program. However if sanctions could be applied and enforced universally they at least could delay Iran and could isolate them enough to compel the population to force some changes within the radical rhetoric and dangerous actions of Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Time has now come for the UNSC to back up last months 14-1 vote on this issue, unfortunately I have no faith that they will.

Just couldn’t resist posting this…  

Coffee is not usually thought of as health food, but a number of recent studies suggest that it can be a highly beneficial drink. Researchers have found strong evidence that coffee reduces the risk of several serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

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jeffs_ws1.jpgThe fugitive leader of a polygamist Mormon sect has been arrested in southern Nevada.

Warren Steed Jeffs, 50, was taken into custody after he and two other people were pulled over late Monday by a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper on Interstate 15 just north of Las Vegas, FBI spokesman David Staretz said.

Full Story Here 

Jeffs was wanted not only for polygamy but also for arranging the marriages of very young girls to older men… I hope this bastard rots in a very small cell…

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It looks as though Ernesto will likely not be a tremendously destructive storm but still could do considerable damage. Per Fox News it is predicted to be largely a rainmaker with 6-15″ of rain expected.  

AP Story Here

KEY WEST, Fla. (AP) — Rain began falling Tuesday morning as residents hurried to make last-minute preparations for Tropical Storm Ernesto, expected to strengthen before striking the vulnerable Florida Keys and populous South Florida.

The storm has a chance of regaining hurricane strength before it makes landfall as early as Tuesday night, the National Hurricane Center said.

Tourists were ordered out of the Keys, linked to the mainland by a single highway.

Tropical Storm ERNESTO Public Advisory Number 19A




[Image of 5-day forecast of predicted track, and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]

The Florida Masochist has more here

We have all seen the blatant irresponsible bias of the Mainstream Media when reporting on virtually every aspect of any political issue… We see it in the MSM reports from Iraq, and the War on Terror when body counts of Iraqis killed by terrorists make front Page headlines, while any reports of of the successes in rooting out the terrorists get buried if printed at all. We saw the blatant bias in the reports from the conflict between Israel and Hizbollah in Lebanon… Complete with doctored photographic evidence. We have seen the media criticize the Administration for insisting on a Multi-lateral approach when dealing with North Korea and Iran, and at the same time Criticize the Administration for unilateral actions in Iraq (despite the fact the coalition that did go into Iraq comprised of over 40 nations). We’ve seen the Media’s liberal bias when reporting on our own domestic political issues as well.. Here are some examples from the Media Research Center:

Spurred by a passionate public outcry against the tide of illegal immigration, on December 16, 2005, the House of Representatives passed a bill to curb the flow of illegal aliens and give the federal government more responsibility for detaining and deporting them. On that night, ABC, CBS, and NBC didn’t cover the vote. But when left-wing advocacy groups for illegal aliens organized large protests against the House bill in the spring, as the Senate considered its own immigration bill, the networks suddenly, fervently discovered the issue and gave the advocacy groups not a mere soapbox in the park, but a three-network rollout of free air time. Protest coverage, often one-sided, stood in stark contrast to polling data showing that a stricter approach to illegal immigration was broadly popular in the country.

To determine the tone and balance of network coverage of illegal aliens, MRC analysts evaluated every ABC, CBS, and NBC morning, evening, and magazine show news segment on the immigration debate from the outbreak of protest coverage on March 24, 2006 through May 31, 2006. In 309 stories, analysts found the following trends emerged:

  • While they celebrated “massive” immigration protests with “huge” crowds, the broadcast networks largely avoided scientific polling data that showed the protesters were in an overwhelming minority. The USA Today-Gallup poll asked whether illegal immigration is “out of control” or “not out of control.” Fully 81 percent said “out of control.” Fox News asked how serious illegal immigration was as a problem: 60 percent said very serious, 30 percent said somewhat serious. That’s 90 percent. These polls were never cited by ABC, CBS, or NBC. In contrast to hundreds of words emphasizing a huge “wave” of “pro-immigrant” activism, the networks aired only 16 mentions of nationwide polls on immigration that considered the opinion of non-protesters. Two of them were CBS polls emphasizing support for a “guest worker” program after a long list of conditions.
  • Advocates of opening a wider path to citizenship were almost twice as likely to speak in news stories as advocates of stricter immigration control. Advocates for amnesty and guest-worker programs drew 504 soundbites in the study period, compared to just 257 for tighter border control. (Sixty-nine soundbites were neutral). On the days of pro-illegal-alien rallies, their critics nearly disappeared from the screen. For instance, on the night of April 10, the soundbite count on the three evening newscasts and ABC’s Nightline was 43 to 2 in favor of the protesters. When the debate shifted to Capitol Hill in May, coverage grew more balanced.
  • While conservative labels were common, liberal labels were rarely or never used.In the study period, reporters referred to “conservatives” or “conservative” groups 89 times, most intensely during legislative debate in May, when President Bush was presented as having to “appease” his “conservative” base. NBC’s Matt Lauer even referred to Bush’s base as the “far right.” By contrast, the “liberal” label was used only three times – all of them by ABC. CBS and NBC never used the word, even as hard-left protest organizers described the House bill on public radio as full of “horrendous and macabre clauses, fascist clauses.”
  • While protests centered on underlining the vital role illegal aliens play in the American economy, the burdens of illegal immigration in added government costs or crime were barely covered. While the networks poured out their air time to the sympathetic stories of hard-working immigrant families, only six out of 309 stories mentioned studies that illegal aliens cost more to governments than they provide in tax dollars. Only six stories gave a mention to the problem of the cost or threat of criminal aliens.

The media plays a critical role in our society, provideing all of us with information that we use in developing our opinions on issues. When the media is biased in its reporting of events or issues and present reports that cast one side as “good” and the other as “bad”, what is presented is not News but opinion. For a full understanding of any issue the full story must be reported without bias or casting either side in the issue as “good” or “bad”.  Only then can the consumers of that information truly arrive at an informed on whatever the issue is. That is not happening in todays media, not in Iraq, and not here at home.

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