Chavez plays his oil as a weapon card

Venezuela will cut its oil exports to the United States if Washington takes a hostile stance toward Caracas.

The Socialist dictator Chavez govt has no other means of getting attention than by making threats against the US, making arms deals with Russians, and making Arms for oil deals with rogue nations like North Korea. He like a spoiled three year old who throws temper tantrums until he gets the attention he wants. He doesn’t care if that attention is positive or negative as long as it is focused on him. perhaps it is time to give Chavez a spanking.  

Also of note here is that the Venezulean Oil minister was quoted by IRNA the Iranian News agency.

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  1. Well, Hugo has been making his rounds to all the former communist countries (that still aren’t our friends), such as Vietnam….Paranoia does not do well on a national leader, but it’s even worse on their citizens…

    btw..thanks for the tip on trackbacks…off to try it now…

  2. It’s time to boycott Citgo stations. The station owners are jobbers, they just get their gas from Citgo. They are not renewing their contracts with Citgo anyway. Otherwise, we are proving Stalin was right, the Americans will sell us the rope that we will hang them with.

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