Castro Dieing Again? Still???

HAVANA Jul 31, 2006 (AP)— Fidel Castro announced Monday night in a letter read by his secretary live on state television that due to illness he was temporarily relinquishing the presidency to his brother and successor Raul, the defense minister.

Castro’s been at death’s door for years.. Frankly I’ll actually believe he is actually dead when Jimmy Carter is an honorary Paul Bearer at his Funeral…

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  1. Perhaps Castro is close to taking a dirt nap. All red blooded Americans and free Cuban exiles can only hope. Please feel free to visit my blog and post your thoughts on this and other matters.

  2. Fidel Castro sees Filmmaker Luis Moro’s movie Love & Suicide –

    and ruptures his intestine.

    Castro is immediately hospitalized

    when he finds out Love & Suicide, the movie is

    screenings in Miami at AMC Theatres starting this August 11th.

    Cubans in Miami cheer in the streets.

    LOVE & SUICIDE, the movie


    WHEN: Starting August 11th.


    3015 Grand Avenue

    Coconut Grove, FL 33133



    Or Call: (305) 466-0450.

    Castro said he was delegating power in Cuba to his brother because

    “he did not want to be around when Cuban’s in Miami see the real Cuba

    in the film Love & Suicide. They’re going to come and get me when they see
    Love & Suicide.”

    Fidel said, holding his guts in.

    “Seeing the movie Love & Suicide caused an acute intestinal crisis with
    sustained bleeding,”

    said a statement signed by Castro and read out by his official aide Carlos

    White House spokesman Peter Piper said he didn’t want to speculate on
    Castro’s physical health. “But mentally, Love & Suicide, the movie scared

    “Given the films success, we are monitoring the writer Luis Moro closely as
    Love & Suicide screens around the world.”

    As a country, we continue to work for the day when ‘The Cuban Evolution’
    Luis Moro started reaches everyone.” Mr. Piper also told reporters. “Mr.
    Bush will be holding a private screening to educate congress and the senate
    on the films theme.”

    Castro, who’s been in power since 1959 and turns 80 on August 13, two days
    after Love & Suicide opens in AMC Theatres at the famous Coconut Grove in
    Miami, Florida; yelled, “MORO, MORO, MORO!”

    Fidel Castro blamed Love & Suicide’s profound impact on him as the reason
    for his pre-resignation move.

    People around the world are overwhelming buying tickets for the upcoming
    screenings in Miami.

    For show times and tickets visit or call (305)

    Visit for updates and additional screening in New
    Mexico, Ohio and California.

    You’re in “The Cuban Evolution.”

  1. 1 Assorted Babble by Suzie

    News of Fidel Castro People are Celebrating in the Streets…

    Our local Miami News is airing the thousands that are celebrating in the streets, the crowds are larger now than when the Miami Heat won the championship recently. Nothing but happiness, dancing, joyful emotional statements with tears; the soun ……

  2. 2

    Ding Dong, The Commy’s (Almost) Dead. Castro In Hospital, Cuban’s Celebrate.

    Well ‘ol Castro has come a long way since November when he claimed that his health was fine, amid swirling reports to the contrary: “They have tried to kill me off so many times,” Castro said. But those who circulate…

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