US Told To Shut “Secret” Jails Immediately

U.N. Human Rights Committee told Washington it should immediately shut all “secret detention” facilities and give the International Committee of the Red Cross access to anybody held in armed conflict. It also expressed concern at the past use of interrogation techniques that may be a form of torture……………..

The UN is Concerned with detention of terrorists at Gitmo, yet they refused to actually tour the site.. They are also concerned with our returning those terrorists to their home countries where they might face torture. But amazingly enough they apparently had no concern what so ever with UN Peace Keepers raping and killing refugees in The Congo.

We need to send John Bolton back to the UN… With an Eviction notice… Besides the UN building with some cleaning could make great Condos…

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  1. I couldn’t get over this. I think the U.N forgot all about a little place called North Korea and the not so secret prisons there. Here I think you like Dave Chapelle’s view on the U.N:

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