Israel at War 28 July

IAF targets Hezbollah hideouts in south Lebanon

Israel Air Force warplanes fired more than 30 missiles at suspected Hezbollah hideouts in hills and mountainous areas in southeastern Lebanon Thursday night and Friday. The day before, the IAF scored a direct hit against Hezbollah’s missile command center deployed in Tyre, which was responsible for firing rockets on the Haifa area.

The IDF believes that at least 200 Hezbollah operatives have been killed since the fighting began more than two weeks ago, a military source said Friday.

Rockets continue to rain down on Northern Israel

By noon Friday, Hezbollah had fired 14 rockets at northern Israel, Israel Radio reported.

Hezbollah militants fired more than 100 Katyusha rockets at the north Thursday.

Some 25 landed in and around Kiryat Shmona and the rest landed across the Galilee and Hula Valley. Thirteen people were lightly wounded in rocket strikes on Carmiel, Majdal Krum, Kiryat Shmona, and the Rosh Pina area and 16 people went into shock.

U.K., France seeking UN resolution to end conflict

President Jacques Chirac said Friday that France will press for the rapid adoption of a UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon, his office said.

Meanwhile, Portugal said Friday it would be willing to join any European Union peacekeeping force in an effort to stop the fighting.

Any Cease Fire that does not include the dismantlement of Hizbollah is nothing more than a time out so Hizbollah can rearm and continue the fight again at a later date.

Israel rules out United Nations role in peacekeeping force

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations ruled out Thursday major UN involvement in any potential international force in Lebanon, saying more professional and better-trained troops were needed for such a volatile situation.

Dan Gillerman also said Israel would not allow the United Nations to join in an investigation of an Israeli air strike that demolished a post belonging to the current UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. Four UN observers were killed in the Tuesday strike.

“Israel has never agreed to a joint investigation, and I don’t think that if anything happened in this country, or in Britain or in Italy or in France, the government of that country would agree to a joint investigation,” Gillerman said.

3 reserve divisions to start training after call-up okayed

The security cabinet on Thursday authorized the mobilization of three divisions of reservists, “to prepare the force for possible developments,” but said that they will be deployed, if necessary, only after further approval by the cabinet.

Three divisions of reserve soldiers would amount to around 15,000 soldiers, or 5,000 troops per division, IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said.


  1. Chirac always has something constructive to add to peace.

    UN peacekeepers? Aren’t four dead enough? No, no, no I don’t think so; they’re idea of peace is neutering legitimate power

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