Iranians to get More involved in Israel Hizbollah fighting?

Iranian Students Volunteer to Join the Fighting in Lebanon and Palestine

Reporter: “Far away from the resounding speeches and the political propaganda, these Iranian men chose to put words into action. They are all university students, who have gathered here in Tehran under the title of ‘The Justice Movement of the Students,’ in order to go to Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories and join the ranks of the resistance there. It is noteworthy that this movement operates with no governmental support. It is a voluntary movement par excellence. They hope that the Turkish authorities will allow them to pass into Syria, and from there into Lebanon.”

Amin Jalili Nejad, secretary of The Justice Movement of the Students: “This is a popular movement, which receives support from no one. Our goal is to stand by our brothers in Lebanon and Palestine. I believe that we will gather more volunteers on our way to the Turkish border, which we will reach tomorrow.”

Reporter: “Everyone you meet here tells you that they face geographical difficulties, but you can feel the collective sense of responsibility towards their religion, and towards their Lebanese and Palestinian brothers.”

Sahil Taqvi, volunteer and computer engineer: “We love martyrdom, and are ready to go to Lebanon and Palestine empty-handed to help the resistance, whether by giving it aid or even by martyrdom.”

Video Here

Despite the “Reporters” insistance that this movement operates with no government support, I would bet that it is organized and funded through Islamic charities that are supported by the Iranian government.


  1. Wow, who would have thought there would be volunteers for this type of thing in Iran?

    I agree, it isn’t too likely the government doesn’t support it in some way, shape or form.

  2. I blogged about Iran’s stealth campaign to destroy Israel earlier this week. Time for regime change in Iran!

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