Twenty-Five Islamic Groups Urge FBI to Be Sensitive

A large flock of Islamic organizations has descended on the FBI, following reports that they are going to pay special attention to Hizballah supporters: Muslims fret over FBI’s Hizbullah probe.

Why shouldn’t the FBI pay special attention to members of an organization that prior to 9-11 had killed more Americans than any other Terror Group? Besides Hizbollah has been listed as a Terror Group by the US State Dept. for quite some time.

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HT to Little Green Footballs


  1. I ask the reader this. When these Islamic fundamentalists begin their worksmanship within this country you you believe they will be as “sensitive” to you as they have asked of our FBI?

    If you believe they will, I have a Katyusha missile to sell you!

    In their eyes, the only good American is a dead American. Lest perhaps we have forgotten?? Sure hope not.

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