Kofi Lied people Died

Kofi Annan’s claim that Israel deliberately targeted unarmed UN observers is falling apart. A Canadian observer, one of four observers that were killed by Israeli fire had previously sent an E-mail to his former commander in which he wrote “Hezbollah fighters were all over the U.N. position”.  

The New York Sun story here, and CTV has A Canadian soldier’s report from South Lebanon

It is apparent that Hizbollah is useing the UN Forces as human shields just like they are the lebanese civillians. Despite this, Kofi Anan points accusatory fingers at the IDF, and demand joint investigations to the incident. Note Anan did not demand investigations to over 150 incidents of UN Peace Keepers accused of systematically rapeing and killing refugees in the Congo. I guess since there were no US or Israeli troops involved in the incident there was no need for Kofi to demand an investigation.

Yesterday Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean said that we should not be spending billions to support an Anti Semite (meaning Iraq). It seems to me that we have already spent Billions in supporting Anti Semitic organizations like the UN…  Is Howard Dean and the Democratic party suggesting we eliminate funding for the UN??   

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