Democrats plan to press for a minimum wage increase and ”tough, smart” national security in their final push to wrest power from the Republicans in the November elections.

House and Senate Democrats will hold a joint meeting on Thursday to discuss events planned for the 100 days leading up to midterm congressional elections and lay out their party agenda, called ”A New Direction for America.”

So the Dems want a New Direction for America. Home Ownership in this country is at an all time high. I would assume that since the Dems want a new direction they would prefer that more people rented or lived in subsidized housing. Since 2004, the U.S. has created twice the number of jobs as the rest of the G-7 countries combined. Since dems don’t like the direction the economy is going now you have to assume they would rather move the economy towards higher unemployment lower growth and greater dependency on welfare programs. I may not be a marketing genius, but somehow I don’t see this economic plan selling very well. 

Democrats want to increase the minimum wage. On the surface this may seem like a good thing, but consider that a small business owner that has say $10,000 per month that is budgeted for employee compensation. The Federal government arbitrarily increasing wages is not going to increase what that business owner has budgeted for wages. Either hours are cut or someone starts collecting unemployment.

Another area the Dems want to go in another direction in is National Security.  Amazing that the Democrats would even think of challenging on this issue. Hell the last two Democratic Presidents we had, Carter and Clinton, completely failed to even confront terrorism, let alone make any progress in combating it. So what direction is it the Democrats want to go on national security? Perhaps they want to take a page out of the French play book and surrender.

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  1. It’s a pretty strange idea for an agenda. It fits them to a tee.

  2. William

    The Senate can sit around in their nice clothes and expensive jewelery but when it comes to letting people make more money that won’t happen.
    If they don’t want to do the job they are their for than maybe they should not have that job anymore and put them on minium wage.

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