Big Dig with Big Problems

BOSTON (AP) — Seven years before falling concrete crushed a motorist to death inside one of Boston’s Big Dig tunnels, a safety officer warned that the bolts could not possibly hold the heavy ceiling panels, according to a bluntly worded memo leaked to a newspaper.

John Keaveney wrote the memo in 1999 to one of his superiors at contractor Modern Continental Construction Co., saying he could not “comprehend how this structure can withhold the test of time.”

“Should any innocent State Worker or member of the Public be seriously injured or even worse killed as a result, I feel that this would be something that would reflect Mentally and Emotionally upon me, and all who are trying to construct a quality Project,” he wrote, according to a story Wednesday in The Boston Globe, whose reporter was mailed a copy of the memo.

Since the accident July 10, other documents have come out showing that there were questions over the years about the reliability of the ceiling bolts. But Keaveney’s memo is one of the bluntest and most emotional warnings to come to light. And Keaveney was the safety officer directly responsible for the tunnel where the accident took place.

Full story here

If I am not mistaken wasn’t John Kerry’s cousin one of the contractors or a real estate developer that made out big in the Big Dig?  

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  1. Rob

    Why is no one holding the construction giant Bechtel responsible? Remember Bechtel, the politically connected company (to the Republicans anyway) who profited handsomely from the Big Dig and the rebuilding of Iraq (for which it won a lucrative no bid contract)? Both of these disasters are costing taxpayers money and human beings lives. All because of this company and its greedy decision makers!

  2. Bechtel is just as connected to Dems as Republicans

  3. Tantheblackhearted


    Wasn’t the construction company owned by a cousin of John Kerry?

    A Republican responsible in the state that continually re-elects Kennedy the rummy and Kerry the liar?


  4. enggirl1

    Here’s an interesting story I found online regarding the Big Dig and how it’s becoming the topic of conversation all across the Internet with folks adding their thoughts and skepticism about the project. Check it out:

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