Israel at War 25 July

Military Intelligence Chief: Syrian army now at its highest state of alert

Syria has placed its military at its highest state of alert in recent years, Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Chief Major General Amos Yadlin told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday. Syrian forces do remain, however, on a defensive rather than offensive alert.

Yadlin emphasized that “neither Syria nor Israel are interested in a military clash but the situation is explosive and the events may potentially be incorrectly interpreted. This could entangle Syria up in a battle against us.”

Hezbollah is interested in opening another front for Israel with Syria, Yadlin said. Hezbollah gunners are firing at the Golan Heights in an effort to embroil Syria in the fighting.

Israel to allow humanitarian aid to be air-lifted to Lebanon

Israel will allow aid airlifts to reach Lebanon as part of efforts to relieve a humanitarian crisis caused by its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Tuesday.

A team of Israeli military officials will meet with international military experts to outline the pathways, Olmert told U.S. Secretary of State Rice in a meeting in Jerusalem, his office said.

“The prime minister said Israel will allow, with advance coordination, for planes carrying humanitarian aid to land in Beirut airport,” Olmert’s office said in a statement.

PM Olmert: Israel determined to continue fight against Hezbollah

Israel is determined to continue its fight against Hezbollah guerrillas and will take the “most severe measures” against those firing rockets on Israel, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday.

“Israel is determined to continue on in the fight against Hezbollah. We will … stop them. We will not hesitate to take severe measures against those who are aiming thousands of rockets and missiles against innocent civilians for the one purpose of killing them,” Olmert said.

Olmert acknowledged “humanitarian difficulties” caused by Israel’s two-week military campaign in Lebanon, and said Israel would work with the U.S. to try to solve some of those problems.

IDF controls ‘terror capital’ Bint Jbeil

Col. Amnon Eshel Assulin, Commander of the IDF Armored Brigade, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday IDF troops operating in the village of Bint Jbeil, considered the “capital of terror” in southern Lebanon, had proven their ability to reach any location in Lebanon, and could even enter Beirut if the government decided on that course of action.

Assulin told the Post that that IDF had taken control over Bint Jbeil and had so far killed at least 40 Hizbullah guerrillas.

The IDF was still encountering Hizbullah guerrillas who were shooting form inside mosques, hospitals, and schools. They take advantage of the population, Assulin said, “But the IDF has high moral values and does its best to avoid harming anyone uninvolved.”

When mosques, hospitals, and schools are used as stageing grounds for terrorist operations they are no longer mosques, hospitals and schools… They become Targets..

PA detains Gazan editor for ‘libel’

A Palestinian editor from the Gaza Strip was detained on Monday by the Palestinian Authority for publishing a story about the theft of $400,000 from PA Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar while he was on a visit to Kuwait earlier this year.

The story implied that Zahar was carrying large amounts of cash while Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were deprived of financial aid.

Now if the PA would spend more time arresting those who shoot rockets into Israel, and kidnap Israelis and less time detaining reporters who write criticial stories about the Hamas Terrorist government, the whole region would be a hell of a lot closer to peace.


  1. Nice posting here! Go Israel!

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