Iran threatens response if Syria attacked

Iranian threats against Israel continue: Iranian media outlets published sections of interviews given by Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad-Reza Sheybani, who said that Hizbullah’s military capability has greatly increased in the last decade, and threatened that if Israel harmed Syria, the Iranians would respond with force.

Sheybani stressed that Iran would support Syria if it is attacked by Israel. “There should be no doubt on this issue: If Syria is harmed, even in the slightest way, we will respond with force. This, on the basis of the joint defense agreement in effect between the two countries and already signed by the two ministers of defense,” he said.

Sheybani added that he thought “Israel did not have the ability to deal with Iran’s capabilities.”

Full Story Here 

More Chest pounding from the Pen Pal seeking Ahmadinejad. How could Iran get directly involved with a conflict with Israel? Iran and Syria just happen to be separated by Turkey and Iraq? Somehow I don’t see columns of Iranian tanks going for a Sunday drive through either the Turkish or Iraqi country side. The same problem would be there for Iranian Air forces to get involved. Iran does have substantial missile forces that could reach Israel, but if Ahmadinejad does open that can of worms my guess is that a can of whoop Ass will be opened on Iran that will be sending the mad mullahs off to meet those 72 virgins.

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