IDF kills Hizbullah’s regional commander, Discover Iranian surveillance equipment

More evidence showing the level of training and support that Iran has provided Hizbollah. At what point does this get called what it is, a War between Israel and Iran. Hizbollah is nothing more than a proxy for Iran in this conflict, firing Iranian Missiles, funded by Iranian dollars, for Iranian interests. Lets call a Spade a Spade her folks… this is a war between Iran and Israel.  

From the Jerusalem Post 

As fighting in Maroun al-Ras continued on Tuesday, IDF troops killed five Hizbullah gunmen, including the movement’s regional commander.

Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded when they came under attack by Hizbullah mortar fire.

The three were evacuated to a Hospital inside Israel.

Earlier, Brigadier General of Division 91, Commander Gal Hirsch, revealed that troops operating in Bint Jbeil discovered war rooms with eavesdropping and surveillance equipment made by Iran, being used by Hizbullah against Israel.

They also found large cache of weapons and communications devices.

The IDF claimed to have killed some 50 gunmen in the two Hizbullah strongholds over the last two days.

Earlier Tuesday, Col. Amnon Eshel Assulin, Commander of the IDF Armored Brigade, told The Jerusalem Postthat IDF troops operating in the village of Bint Jbeil, considered the “capital of terror” in southern Lebanon, had proven their ability to reach any location in Lebanon, and could even enter Beirut if the government decided on that course of action.

Assulin told the Postthat that IDF had taken control over Bint Jbeil.

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