Hizbollah Operations in the US

FBI investigating Hezbollah cells in North Carolina

In 2002 a trial in Charlotte’s federal court revealed a cell of Hezbollah terrorists operating in Charlotte. It was shocking then and surprising now that terrorism experts say Hezbollah is still in the Queen City.

Michael Resnick, in charge of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force for North Carolina, confirms they are currently investigating Hezbollah cells in North Carolina.

“Clearly they have a violent capability,” he said. “They are a military organization, as evidence by what is going on in Lebanon.”

And as evidenced by what happened in Charlotte in 2002 that Hezbollah has roots in the Carolinas. Mohammed Hamoud and his brother were convicted in Charlotte of smuggling cigarettes and funneling the money to Hezbollah. Prosecutors said they were the head of a secret Hezbollah cell.

Confirmed: Hezbollah Terror Operatives, “Sleeper Cells” Poised in the U.S

Operatives of the Lebanese Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah, the same group presently firing missiles into Israel and labeled as one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorist group in the world, are believed “to be planning to activate sleeper cells located in New York and other larger cities inside the U.S.” to stage attacks Americans. “The FBI and Justice Department have launched urgent new probes in New York and other cities targeting members of the Lebanese terror group.” Law-enforcement and intelligence officials stated that “about a dozen hard-core supporters of Hezbollah have been identified in recent weeks as operating in the New York City area (alone).”

The above appeared in an article published in The New York Post on May 22, 2006. Not surprisingly, that very same information was verified through several sources within law enforcement agencies and agents contacted by the Northeast Intelligence Network this weekend.

One federal law enforcement official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, stated, “We are very concerned about sleeper-cell activation due to the current ‘effervescent’ situation between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel.” The same source confirmed that there is “active surveillance of known surveillance operatives” in New York, and added that surveillance is also being conducted by agents in other U.S. cities.

The Presence of Hezbollah in Canada

Investigation by the Northeast Intelligence Network, verified by contacts within CSIS and U.S. federal agencies, confirmed that Hezbollah – banned in December 2002 – has an active presence in Canada. According to Canadian intelligence, Hezbollah raises money, recruits terrorists, purchases military supplies, and forges travel documents in Canada. Money is raised in Canada in much the same fashion as in the Unites States – through credit card scams and counterfeit rings. In two cases, alleged Hezbollah agents wanted for terrorist activities overseas were found hiding in Canada. Hezbollah theft rings have stolen luxury cars in Canada and sent them to Lebanon for use by senior Hezbollah officials.

The North Carolina Hezbollah terror cell cited above was part of a larger Hezbollah network that included Canadian operatives. The Canadian part of the network was reportedly operated by Mohammed Hassan Dbouk and his brother-in-law Ali Adham Amhaz, who allegedly received money from Hezbollah officials in Lebanon and engaged in credit card and banking scams in Canada in order to finance the purchase in Canada and the U.S. of military items which were then smuggled into Lebanon.


DETROIT – A Federal Grand Jury in Detroit charged nineteen individuals with operating a global racketeering conspiracy in an indictment unsealed today, announced United States Attorney Stephen J. Murphy. The indictment alleges that portions of the profits made from the illegal enterprise were given to Hizballah, a foreign terrorist organization. Nine of the individuals were arrested this morning.

Note the date of this indictment March 29, 2006.  Well before the current conflict with Hizbollah started.

Arrested this morning by members of the Detroit Joint Terrorism Task Force (“JTTF”) were: Karim Hassan Nasser, 37, of Windsor, Ontario; Fadi Mohamad-Musbah Hammoud, 33, of Dearborn; Majid Mohamad Hammoud, 39, of Dearborn Heights; Jihad Hammoud, 47, of Dearborn; Youssef Aoun Bakri, 36, of Dearborn Heights; Ali Najib Berjaoui, 39, of Dearborn; Mohammed Fawzi Zeidan, 41, of Canton; Imad Majed Hamadeh, 51, of Dearborn Heights; Adel Isak, 37, of Sterling Heights

Also named in the Indictment, but not arrested today because they currently reside outside of the United States were: Imad Mohamad-Musbah Hammoud, 37 of Lebanon, formerly of Dearborn; Hassan Ali Al-Mosawi, 49, of Lebanon; Hassan Hassan Nasser, 36, of Windsor, Ontario; Ali Ahmad Hammoud, 64, of Lebanon; Karim Hassan Abbas, 37, formerly of Dearborn; Hassan Mohamad Srour, 30, of Montreal, Quebec; Naji Hassan Alawie, 44, of Windsor, Ontario; and Abdel-Hamid Sinno, 52, of Montreal, Quebec.

Theodore Schenk, 73, of Miami Beach, Florida was not arrested today but will be voluntarily surrendering himself for arraignment on April 10, 2006.

Conterterrorism Blog Lists some other Hizbollah operatives involvement in other crimes from drug trafficing, human smuggleing, and weapons charges. The Hizbollah threat is here, it is real, & it is under the direct control of the Mad Mullahs in Iran.  

Updated: 26 July, from Counterterrorism Blog

German Intelligence Supports Claim of Hizballah Cell Activation 

The evidence begins to build today, as Adnkronos International reports: “‘Sleeper’ cells belonging to militant Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah are present in Western Europe, Latin America and in southeast Asia and been ordered to be ready to carry out terrorist attacks should Israel prolong its military offensive against Lebanon, according to unnamed German intelligence sources.” While “unnamed German intelligence sources” isn’t ideal confirmation, Germany is known to have decent intelligence assets in the Middle East.

CT Blog also points out that if Hizbollah does launch an attack the most likely targets would be in Europe rather than the US.


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