Pakistan expanding its nuclear program

With Pakistan’s ties to the Taliban, as well as the past willingness of some of its engineers to sell to the highest bidder nuclear weapons technology  this development is not good.

Pakistan has begun building what independent analysts say is a powerful new reactor for producing plutonium, a move that, if verified, would signal a major expansion of the country’s nuclear weapons capabilities and a potential new escalation in the region’s arms race.

Satellite photos of Pakistan’s Khushab nuclear site show what appears to be a partially completed heavy-water reactor capable of producing enough plutonium for 40 to 50 nuclear weapons a year, a 20-fold increase from Pakistan’s current capabilities, according to a technical assessment by Washington-based nuclear experts.

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  1. Let us try to understand the motive behind this move:

    1. Pakistan is trying to maintain a balance of power in the region in the wake of India’s growing military and economic might
    2. It is responding to America’s ban on the shipment of the F-16’s it had ordered many years ago.
    3. It is responding to America’s latest nuclear deal with India

    Pakistan is a very small country as compared to India. Provided the tense history the two countries have had over the past half a century and the recent American inclination towards India, it is natural for it to search for other alternatives in order to safeguard its integrity in the region.

  2. Tantheblackhearted


    What latest nuclear deal might that be? I haven’t heard anything about India upping their ante in its nuclear program.

  3. Scribbles;

    If Pakistan had a history of government stability, and one of not selling nuclear secrets to the highest bidding rogue nation then expanding its military capabilities would not be a problem. Unfortunately Pakistan’s history is one of supporting totalitarian regimes like the Taliban; Supporting terrorist operations in India; Sold Nuclear Weapons technology to Libya and Iran; and one who’s current President came to power in a Military Coup. President Mushariff has been a helpful ally in the War on terror, he has also been the target of at least 3 assassination attempts. More troubling is the source of these attempts. The same Islamic extremists that supported the Taliban, and the terrorists in Kashmir are behind the Assassination attempts. Allowing the worlds most dangerous weaponry fall into the hands of terror groups is can only lead to horrific results.

  4. guy_from_gujarat

    dont know about you but India is the number one seller of nuclear arms, they just hide it much better and don’t let it get out in the press

    As for extremism, the Indian government revolves between Hindu extremists and Secular terrorists who brutally murder their own people

    What happens when the communists of India that are currently running a defacto second country on the East side succeed? Those nukes sure will look nice in the hands of anti-Western communists!!

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