The 12th Imam and the current Israeli/Hizbollah crisis

Iraq the Model provides some very interesting perspectives on the current Israeli/Hizbollah conflict. Hat tip to the Right Truth

Here is a portion of Iraq The Model’s post.

I’m not going to claim I know exactly what Hizbollah’s or Hamas’s hidden motives are because I don’t live there but I know about those of the regime in Iran and its arm in Iraq; both Ahmedinejad and Sadr are devout believers in the ‘Savior Imam’ of Shia Islam who is the 12th grandson of prophet Mohammed, also known by the name ‘Imam Mehdi’ hence the name of Sadr’s militias ‘the Mehdi Army’. I must point out though that some factions of Sunni Islam also believe in the rise of the Imam but they have their own different version of the story.

Both Ahmedinejad and Sadr believe it is their duty to pave the way and prepare the ground for the rise of the Imam whose rise, according to their branch of Shia Islam, requires certain conditions and a sequence of certain events; the story is too long to discuss in one post so I’ll just move on to offer my observations…

We are seeing some signs here that make us think that Iran and its tools in Iraq are trying to provoke the rise of the imam through forcing the signs they believe should be associated with that rise. One of the things that do not feel right is the sudden appearance of new banners and writings on the walls carrying religious messages talking specifically of imam Mehdi. These messages are getting abundant in Baghdad and in particular in the eastern part of the capital where Sadr militias are dominant and a special number can be seen in the area of the interior ministry complex.

The interesting part is that these banners appeared within less than 24 hours after Hizbollah kidnapped the Israeli soldiers. Coincidence?
I don’t think so.

The messages on the banners are sort of new too and sound different from the ones we’re used to read, I’ve took photos of two of them that read as follows:
“By renouncing sin and by integration for the sake of afterlife we become the best soldiers to our leader and savior the Mehdi” “integration” here sounds meaningless in the sentence but it’s just one of those words the Sadr likes to use!

Since the 12th Imam is primarily a shia belief, this could also partially explain the rest of the Arab World’s lack of support for Hizbollah in the current conflict.


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    Omar at Iraq the Model writes today’s must-read. A very short excerpt: Both Ahmedinejad and Sadr believe it is their duty to pave the way and prepare the ground for the rise of the Imam whose rise, according to their…

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