WASHINGTON (AP) — After waiting 5 1/2 years to make good on a veto threat, President Bush used his first to underscore his politically risky stand against federal funding for the embryonic stem cell research that most Americans support.

Some political strategists say Bush’s high-profile stance on such an intensely emotional issue could hurt the party’s congressional candidates in November in heartland places like Missouri.

“This bill would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others,” Bush said after rejecting calls that he change his policy. “It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect.”

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The spin around this bill and President Bush’s Veto is ridiculous. What this bill did was open up Federal Coffers for embryonic stem Cell Research. Nothing prevents the research from happening right now, the only thing this bill did was determine who was going to pay for it. Now if embryonic stem cell research truly provided that much promise don’t you think that pharmaceutical companies would be investing into that research? With all the irresponsible Pork spending coming out of congress I am somewhat disappointed that This bill is the one in which the President choose to exercise his first veto on.    

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