Rallies For Anarchy Continue

Cross Posted From Common Sense America:   

Laws? What laws? We don’t need any stinking laws.

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that we will see yet another march for anarchy in Chicago today:

Chicago area immigrant-rights activists were not dissuaded from going ahead with plans to march for a moratorium on federal raids, arrests and deportations today, despite forecasts of punishing heat and suggestions from city officials that the event be postponed.

This rally/march is being organized by a group called Centro Sin Fronteras (Center Without Borders) and they are actually calling for our federal government to stop upholding the immigration laws of our nation.

Hey, there are a lot of laws that I don’t really like. I’d love to drive faster than the speed limit, not pay taxes, and forget about all of those pesky ID requirements. So, perhaps we should protest the government to do away with all of the laws of this nation. NOT!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**


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