India Bans Blogs

India, the World’s largest democracy took a step yesterday towards totalitarinism by banning various blogs (several of which appear on my Blogroll). India took this step, I think out of fear. Not fear of the blogs they banned but of the response of fanatical Islamists whenever they get offended… Note the Toon Wars and the riots and violence that erupted following the publishing of cartoons at the center of that controversy. Also note the violence and riots following the false reports of a Koran being flushed down a toilet. India is afraid of a radicalized and growing segment of their Islamic population.  

Dr. Rusty Shackleford Author of the Jawa Report (one of the Banned sites on my Blogroll), has written a great article on India’s actions yesterday, and makes some terrific points regarding freedom of speech and freedom of religion. His words are far better than anything I could have written. 

However, when one bans speech because it is religiously offensive, then two freedoms are killed at the same time. A nation cannot truly have freedom of religion if that religion is immune from public criticism. A nation cannot truly have freedom of speech if blasphemy becomes a criminal act.

India is practicing an appeasement policy. Surrendering to those who throw temper tantrums, resort to violence and incite riots over some perceived religiously offensive publication. India’s actions are based on a real fear of real people who do real violence. Submitting to that fear does not address the problem, but only encourages those who practice the religious intolerance that fosters it. 

Sadly, there is not a single country in the world where Muslims are a majority that criticisms of Islam are legally tolerated. While Muslims proudly proclaim that they ‘tolerate’ Chrisianity, they do not mean tolerance in the Western sense. They may ‘tolerate’ Chrisitians worshipping in their own churches, but the minute that a Christian steps out in public he is unable to accomplish the ‘Great Commission’ of trying to convert the non-believer into a believer.

Some ‘moderate’ Muslim countries allow Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians to be converted to whichever religion that they may choose. But once a Muslim, always a Muslim. It is forbidden for any missionary of any faith to try to convert a Muslim.

Fanatical Islam is about Power. As long as the fanatical clerics have the only religious voice allowed, they will be able to continue to recruit homicide bombers and terrorists.  Part of our Global War on Terror has been and will continue to be the expansion of religious freedom and freedoms of speech throughout the world.

The move towards religious censorship by India is a mistake. A nation does not cement its alliances by adopting the values of its enemies and rejecting those of nations willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with it against forces which plan its destruction.

I would add that removing the voice of those critical of Islamic Fundamentalists and the refusal to allow blogs which bluntly point out the death and destruction caused by the hate filled extremist rhetoric only increase the likelihood that the hatred and rhetoric continue and become more violent.

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  1. Afterall which authority really wants freespeech prevail?

    There will always be loopholes to kill any genuine sound before it is being heard.

    The current situation is really frustrating, throwing us back to the dark age of Emergency.

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