McKinney heads to runoff in Georgia

ATLANTA – Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney couldn’t avoid a runoff in her sheehan-mckinney.jpgfirst election following a scuffle with a Capitol Hill police officer, and now faces a second contest against her main challenger, Hank Johnson.

McKinney, the state’s first black woman elected to Congress, is seeking her seventh term after a scuffle in March with an officer who stopped her when he didn’t recognize her as she entered a House office building. A federal grand jury in Washington declined to indict the congresswoman, but she had to apologize on the floor of the House.

Johnson, a former county commissioner, has roots in McKinney’s core constituency. With 95 percent of precincts reporting, 1,540 votes separated the two. They face an Aug. 8 runoff, and the winner will face Republican nominee Catherine Davis in the heavily Democratic district.

“The battle’s engaged and I intend to win,” said McKinney early Wednesday.

She may intend to win, but does she intend to show up an any of the debates? One thing In Mckinney’s favor though is that with supporters like Cindy Sheehan (AKA The Surrender Mom), Mckinney will not need to spend any campaign funds on food. Other than for Ice Cream & Smoothies.  

FullosseousFlap’s has more here Sister Toldjah Here


  1. munson

    Even though I’m not from Georgia, I sure hope she wins.

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