Israel at War 19 July

Peretz: Attacks on Hezbollah to continue without letup, time limit

The Israel Defense Forces estimate that 10-14 more days are necessary in order to meet the military aims of the operation in Lebanon.

According to General Staff estimates, it is possible to greatly intensify the scope of the attacks against the Hezbollah rockets, with special emphasis on their longer-range weapons, as well as strikes against senior members of the group’s operational arm.

Defense Minister Amir Peretz said on Tuesday, during a meeting with senior IDF officers, that attacks against Hezbollah would continue “without letup and time limit.”

IDF Operations Continue in Gaza 

Five Israel Defense Forces soldiers were wounded early Wednesday in an exchange of fire with militants in the central Gaza Strip.

IDF tanks moved into the central Gaza Strip before dawn Wednesday under cover of machine gun fire from troops, the latest incursion in its three-week military push in the seaside territory. The IDF confirmed that an operation was in progress.

Two of the soldiers sustained moderate injuries, and were evacuated by helicopter to the Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva. Another three soldiers were treated for light wounds on site.

Bush concerned Syria trying to reassert influence in Lebanon

WASHINGTON – The tentative date for U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s visit to the region is this Sunday, sources in Washington said on Tuesday.

However, they added, her departure could be delayed if the situation warrants it. The Bush administration is apparently sticking to its decision to allow Israel to complete its military operation before the international community imposes a cease-fire, and Danny Ayalon, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, told the media on Monday that the time is not yet ripe for Rice’s visit.

Meanwhile, Israel’s United Nation’s envoy Danny Gillerman on Tuesday said Rice was expected to arrive in the region on Friday.

Right Truth found a real gem which shows that Iranian President Ahmadinejad held a high profile Islamic conference in Tehran in early July. Note that the Conference was held before the current Israel/Hizbollah conflict erupted.

The Iranian leader addressed a high-profile Muslim forum held in Tehran a week ago. “The main issue faced by the Islamic world is Israel’s existence. The Islamic countries should mobilize their efforts to do away with this issue,” said the Iranian president addressing the ministers of foreign affairs of Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Bahrain and Egypt at the conference of Muslim countries.

Having repeated more than once Tehran’s proposal for Middle East stabilization, the Iranian leader also shared his belief that “all the conditions for eliminating the Zionist regime” are currently in place. The obvious connection between such statements and the events in Lebanon, in spite of the fact that it may seem to be a mere coincidence, suggests that Tehran’s insatiable desire to “eliminate the Zionist regime” might have motivated the recent attacks against Israel carried out by militants from Lebanese Hezbollah, which has pro-Iranian roots.

Many analysts note that the Iranian leader’s rhetoric, including his criticism of Israel, is a clear signal of Tehran’s ambitions to establish itself as a regional power. But experts think Tehran is running a serious risk in striving to become a regional political leader, oust the U.S. as one of the major players in the Middle East, push its Middle East solutions on the Arab world, and become a guarantor of stability in the Persian Gulf region.

Full Article here

Bush ‘gave green light’ for limited attack, say Israeli and UK sources  

This according to The Guardian… So I am certain that it is written to blame Bush for virtually every atrocity known to man… Hell I am sure that if you searched their archives you could find at least one article blaming him for the extinction of the dinosaurs… just to get the oil…

The US is giving Israel a window of a week to inflict maximum damage on Hizbullah before weighing in behind international calls for a ceasefire in Lebanon, according to British, European and Israeli sources.

The Bush administration, backed by Britain, has blocked efforts for an immediate halt to the fighting initiated at the UN security council, the G8 summit in St Petersburg and the European foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels.

Ground troops launch pinpoint strikes inside Lebanon 

Israel Defense Forces troops exchanged heavy fire with Hezbollah guerillas Wednesday inside Lebanese territory across the Israel-Lebanon border.

The gunbattle broke out close to Moshav Avivim, which is located along the border, north of Safed. At least one Hezbollah fighter was killed in the fighting.

Earlier in the day, a number of IDF ground troops crossed into southern Lebanon to carry out “pinpoint” attacks on Hezbollah outposts.

Update: 9:04 AM ET

Via Fox News.. 3 IDF Soldiers died in firefight between IDF Special Forces and Hizbullah Terrorist Bastards.. 1 IDF Tank damaged by Land Mine.

IAF Foils Hizbollah re-supply from Syria

While army continues to strike Hizbullah, limit its weapons resources, outside groups trying to rearm group. IAF manages to bomb trucks transporting missiles from Syria. IDF Maj.-Gen. Eisenkot: These rockets belong to Syrian army.

Although Hizbullah has suffered a harsh blow from Israeli air force strikes which took out a good percentage of their available weapons, Syria was continuing to smuggle arms into Lebanon to rearm the group, IDF Operations Branch Head Major General Gadi Eisenkot said during a press briefing Tuesday.

Evacuations Underway in Beirut

On a sweltering day, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek and British ships pulled into Beirut’s harbor, most of them trying to load their passengers before nightfall. From a helipad at the U.S. Embassy overlooking Beirut, the dull thud of rotors announced the arrival of helicopters, which ferried passengers to the island of Cyprus, taking 30 people on each trip. Other U.S. citizens waited, growing more frustrated over having to endure another day of a conflict that has begun to impose a wartime logic in the city.

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