Israel at War 18 July

Rockets Continue to pound Northern Israel

Renewed barrages of Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon rained down on at least 16 towns in northern Israel on Monday night. One of the approximately 50 rockets landed near Ziv Hospital in Safed, but most landed in open areas.

Two high tension wires were damaged by another rocket, temporarily cutting the power to several communities in the area.

IAF bombs southern Beirut bunkers

The IDF continued its assault on Lebanon overnight Monday, attacking several targets throughout the country. The IAF bombed bunkers in the neighborhood of Dahiya in southern Beirut. Also, a weapons cache and trucks used to carry arms were also hit near Ba’al Bek in eastern Lebanon.

In one attack in southern Lebanon, a building collapsed and 13 people were killed, witnesses reported.

Also on Monday night, the IDF thwarted an infiltration attempt when the forces identified a Hizbullah cell attempting to enter Israel along the central region of the border. The soldiers opened fire at the infiltrators, striking the target.

Secretary of State planning Middle East visit Israel will Demand Hizbullah disarmament

When the current conflict in the north ends, Israel will demand disarmament arrangements in Lebanon that will prevent Hezbollah from renewing its military capabilities.

According to political sources in Jerusalem, Israel will not agree to a return to the security situation that existed on the eve of the outbreak of the fighting. Nor would Israel agree to a cease-fire in the area as this would be tantamount to a Hezbollah victory, the sources said.

IDF: One week to remove threat in North

Forty to fifty percent of Hizbullah’s military capability has been destroyed in the six days of the IDF counter-attack following last Wednesday’s Hizbullah raid in northern Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The IDF, it is understood, believes it needs another week or so minimum to achieve its military goals in terms of alleviating Hizbullah’s capacity to threaten Israel.

US Marines to help evacuate citizens

The US government ordered Marines and Navy ships to the area to help evacuate American citizens from the country, the Navy said Tuesday morning. The US ships, part of a five-vessel Navy unit, were carrying a battalion of Marines with a helicopter squadron, the Navy said in a statement.

Olmert: Too soon to speak of int’l force in Lebanon

On a surprise visit to the besieged city of Haifa, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said that military operations in Lebanon will continue “until it is certain that there is no threat of fire against Israel.”

The prime minister said that Jerusalem is not ruling out negotiating an end to the crisis provided that the terms of any future deal would rest on the basis of the recent declaration by the Group of Eight industrialized nations, “meaning, the immediate unconditional release of the kidnapped soldiers and the implementation of UN Resolution 1559.”

Nasrallah Will Give Tel Aviv Residents One Hour to Flee

Arab press sources close to the Hizbullah say that residents of Tel Aviv will be given one hour to flee before the terrorist group launches a barrage of missiles at the city.

The unnamed sources are quoted by the Palestinian Authority-based news agency Ma’an as saying:

“The Lebanese resistance is preparing a retaliation parallel to Israel’s military actions. Hassan Nasrallah will address the people of Tel Aviv and warn them to evacuate the city within one hour. As soon as the delay ends, hundreds of heavy missiles will start landing in the city, which has been divided into squares in order to let damage reach every inch of the city. An estimated 500 missiles are expected to land in Tel Aviv in a short period of time.”

This has only been reported by one news source, Neither the Jersalem Post nor Haaretz has reported this, so the level of confidence in this report is suspect at best. However if some type of attack were launched on Tel Aviv the intensity and scope of this conflict will reach a whole new level.. and Damascas would not be any place I would want to be.

My Comment:

As much as we all want peace, a ceasefire under any terms that does not disband and disarm Hizbollah is not a peace. At best it postpones the issues to be dealt with sometime in the future..  A future in which terrorists like Hizbullah, Hamas, and others will likely hold a stronger position throughout the region. Hizbullah must be disarmed & disbanded, its leaders must be apprehended and jailed for the crimes they have committed, and the funding, training, arming and support that they and other terror groups get from Syria, Iran and elsewhere must be severed. Anything less is nothing more than a delaying action which could easily plays to the advantage of the terrorists.

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